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Grooming Gift Guide for the Receding Dad this Fathers Day

If you’re like me and are rapidly thinning on top at a rate of knots then grooming actually becomes more important thant you’d think.

Hairstyles need to be curated, beards need to be sharp, clothes need to be on their game and hopefully attention will be drawn away from the receding hairline. So this is for you oh Jack Charlton- esque fathers out there!

Present 1 – A decent haircut.

Just because the hair’s moving back doesn’t mean there needs to be a cull! Apparently it’s one of the easiest to work with because, I suppose, there’s less choice? A good haircut can make the least amount of hair look amazing and in return the worst cut can make it look a whole lot worse. Look at these dapper gents, they’re embracing the change and looking great too. Don’t go to the bBarbers, get a treat and visit somewhere cool with beer and cut throat razors.

Present 2 – Beard Trimmers and Care Kit

If you’re not on it with the hairstyle or not feeling confident don’t worry, they don’t always see what’s upstairs if you’re tall so make sure your face is pristine! Make sure you have a great beard grooming kit too. This one from Totally-Funky.co.uk comes in at £8.99 and is a collection of male grooming essentials ideal for the bearded man. The kit includes beard wash, beard wax and comb. A good beard whether stubble or full on Viking, can be the difference between dishevelled or devilish. Make sure you’re face fur aware to compensate for any lacking upstairs.

Present 3 – Pocket Square and Tie Combinations

Divert the attention away from hair altogether and further down. Not that far down! Haha. A pocket square and tie that screams stylish will divert all attention away from the thinning crop. Be confident and dress appropriately. I own this pairing from Next and at £22 is decent for the quality. Wear with a sharp white shirt and tan belts and shoes. Suit optional haha.

Present 4 – Nose Hair Trimmers

If you’re like me, it’s almost as if the hair on my head has lost its way and suddenly being directed straight down through my nose. Some good quality nasal trimmers will ensure you’re not giving off the wrong impression. The trimmers don’t have to cost the earth, or be the size of a baseball bat. Something small, discreet and easily accessible in a small bag does the trick.

Present 5 – Facial Products


Get some facial products on your skin, don’t worry it’s allowed now in the 21st century. A decent face moisturiser will help lift everything and give you a few extra years, and a glow that says I wasn’t awake 4 times throughout the night with the kids. There’s some real decent products out there and I’ve been using a charcoal based scrub. Have a look around and try, just no microbeads! Let’s keep the rivers clean. There’s a post about my review of cornerstone and I love their scrub products. Have a look out.

Present 6 – Meet the Professionals

If you are dying inside at the thought of hair loss and no matter how many times you hear, “t’s fine”, “be more confident” or “I didn’t event notice”, then this may be the present for you. A professional Hair Transplant Clinic may be for you. The picture above is Callum Best and as you can see from below, he’s not doing too bad at all! Have a look at Crown Clinic, there’s one in Manchester and London and by the looks of it, they’re highly recommended.

So whatever you choose for your loved one, or whatever you receive from your partners/children and significant others, make sure they’ve read this and are aware of what you can do. I know from experience that it can be the worst thing ever, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ve got lots of options.


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