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Keeping Fit at Home with your Own Gym

this is something that the gym industry knows full well and I know even better. Why else do you think gyms with thousands of members only ever seem to have enough room for a couple hundred people at most? Because they know that a staggering number of people buy gym memberships in an effort to force themselves to go there, only to not show up anyway. (In fact, if everyone who bought a gym membership did actually go, then those memberships would be way more expensive!)   A lot of people simply don’t like going to the gym. Getting a gym membership doesn’t change this. If you don’t like exercising around other people, or having to put up with the loud music or television shows or grunting, or having issues with the hygiene, then you’re not going to have much fun at a gym.   Which is a shame, right? Because gyms are great facilities if you want to get fit. Being able to stay inside and use a variety of exercise equipment is one of the best ways to improve your fitness. So what can people who want all of that do if they don’t actually want to go to the gym?   It’s simple. You build your own gym.   Of course, the answer is simple, but the actual process of building a gym isn’t actually simple, right? Well, it may not be as complex as you think. In fact, if you’ve got any experience in DIY, then you may find that it’s surprisingly simple.   Building your own gym – and I’m talking about a small personal gym, in case you hadn’t guessed – comes with many benefits. There’s the obvious benefit of having your own facilities in which you can increase your fitness. But it could also open a business opportunity or two. While you probably wouldn’t get clearance to open it up to the public the same way “real” gyms do, you could use it if, say, you wanted to be a personal trainer. With training from Origym and the right advertising, you could have clients come to your facility instead of meeting at a public gym. This works for the client if they like privacy, and it works for you because you don’t have to travel as much! If you’ve got a garage, then converting that into a gym is probably the simplest way to go. It’s not just a case of buying equipment and stuffing it in there, though. You’ll want to ensure there’s some safety equipment in there, as well as good air conditioning. There are loads of guides for this sort of conversion. Building a small building for this purpose in your garden is, of course, a lot trickier. Your garden shed probably isn’t big or strong enough for a conversion, though it may make a decent starting point for some. Still, even this may not be as difficult as you’d imagine. The benefits of having a personal gym are pretty clear, and it’s something that can really help the health of you and your family. (The kids may have to wait until they’re older, though – so make sure you’ve got good locks on the place!)  ]]>

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