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Get Back Into Work – Successful Interviewing Tips

All of us can face the gruelling prospect of an interview at some point. It might be for a different career, your first job or even a promotion. It can be quite an overwhelming prospect and definitely something that can be an unknown. Not only do you have your interview and the impression you make to consider, but also your competition for the job role you are going for. There are, however, certain things that can help give you the edge in any interview process. I thought it was about time I shared some of the hidden secrets to interview success. Put some focus on your personality traits One of your biggest selling points in an interview is you and your unique personality. So why not spend some time and think long and hard about what makes you tick and some of the personality traits that could be seen as beneficial to a business. If you want further insight, then websites like the Seven Institute offers a program to look into your personality in more detail. There are also other things you could do online like personality tests or even just asking around your close friends and colleagues. Ensure you have a cracking CV If you want to get your foot in the door then maybe you need to consider your resume or CV. In many cases, your CV will not have been updated for some time, possibly since your last interview, which could mean that it could be completely out of date or lack your most recent experience. Take some time to focus on your CV and get it completely up to date. What you wear is of great importance I may have already covered what to wear to an interview, but it certainly is important to ensure that you take into account what you wear and how you present yourself. A first impression is often one of the things that people take into account when it comes to jobs, so make sure you give a good one. Prepare for every eventuality You need to prepare as much as you can before any interview takes place. Research the company in which you are going for an interview with, showcasing your knowledge in the interview itself could work in your favour. Also, think about interview questions that could be asked regarding you and the job role. Preparing answers could help you stay calm under pressure. Be on time Finally, one of the last things to do when it comes to an interview is to be on time. Punctuality is such an important trait in a person, and one thing many business leaders deem of the utmost importance. Keep to time, if not get there early. Being late could set the whole interview off on the wrong foot.  Which is certainly not how you would want to begin. It all boils down to making a good first impression.   I hope these little insights help you nail your next interview.  ]]>

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