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Your Success At Work Is About So Much More Than Your Ability

Showing Passion Of all the things that people admire, none are quite as inspiring as passion. If you’re enthusiastic, energetic, and fully devoted to your work, then it’ll only be a matter of time before your attitude is noticed by other people. More than just about showing an attitude, being passionate can open up doors that might not have opened had you not shown your exuberant, can-do attitude. If you’re particularly taken by one aspect of your job, then show it – your managers will give you more work along those lines, and trust you to deliver the goods without them having to watch over you.

People Skills

It’s a fact of human life that people are drawn more to the people they like. Those with strong people skills are invited out more, close more deals, and are more likely to be promoted, among other things, that those people who lack the same skills. Wonder how you fare? Take a test: if your likeability test results aren’t quite as high as you’d hope, it’s time to start making some changes about how you conduct yourself. And when you do, you might find that work success comes a little bit more easy to you than it did before.

You’re a Listener

Being open, witty, and jovial is one thing, but don’t discount the less fun but equally as important attributes, either. Having the ability to listen is a crucially underrated skill, especially in business, when it can be the difference between understanding what’s happening and being left in the dark. When you’re talking with people, pay attention. It’s obvious when a person’s mind is elsewhere, and that won’t do you any favours.


The two types of people in an office that get talked about the most are the ones who are really negative and the ones who are positive and fun. Make sure you’re in the latter camp. The people who are negative are always complaining, never happy, and can be a drain to be around. They’re doing themselves no favours by staying in a job they obviously hate, and they’re bringing everyone else down at the same time! The positive kind, however, is always in demand. People like being around them; they make them feel good! Be that person.

Be Genuine

Perhaps more than anything else: be genuine. A guy who smiles when he’s talking to you but then grimacing as he turns away will be found out straight away. Instill a positive, open attitude at your core, and you’ll be a hit in the office without being fake.]]>

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