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Key Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Builder

So, you’ve got some work that needs doing on your property. Do you pull out one of your amazing Dad skills or just admit defeat and call a local tradesman straight away? If you aren’t overly confident with your skills, you are probably better off going with the latter option. Even though it may work out slightly more expensive, you can, at least, be sure that the job will be done by a professional to a very high standard. But how do you know you are hiring the best possible builder for the job? There is a lot you need to find out before you commit to a tradesman and sign on the dotted line. But as long as you ask these key questions, you will be well placed to hire the best guy for the job.   Can I See Your Portfolio?  All good builders will have a portfolio that shows their previous work and projects. It should be in photographic form and should be available upon request. As almost every builder has their own website, they often have a page that has images of their previous work. Some builders also post photos of work in progress and completed work to their social media profiles. Take a look and see if you would be happy with the quality of work on your property.   Are You Linked To A Trade Association?   All good builders will be a member of a trade association. Ideally, you should find your quality tradesmen from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) as this is a UK-wide association that prides itself on the excellent work and craftsmanship of all its builders. You can find your builder through the FMB as they have a directory of tradesmen. Not only that, though, but if you have any complaints with the builder who you hire, you can always take these to the FMB, and they will endeavour to settle things for you.   How Long Do You Think It’ll Take You?   Every builder should be able to give you an idea of the timescale for the job. Every builder will aim to get things complete as efficiently as possible. Plus, they should be able to work to any deadline you have. For example, you might want all the building work complete before you go on holiday or before friends or relatives visit you. You should look for a professional tradesman who is able to work to your needs.   Are We Able To Stay In The House While You Work?   Depending on the type of work you need doing, the builder might prefer to work in an empty house. If this isn’t feasible for you and your family, you might want to find a different builder who is able to work around you in the property. So, it’s important that you ask the builder whether you will be OK staying in the home or not. Then you can make alternative accommodation arrangements if the need be.   Asking these questions makes it easy to hire a builder!]]>

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