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Flexible Company Benefits to Attract New Talent

Any small business owner knows that the contributions of the workforce are essential for growth. Attracting talented workers is never easy when you’re small though. Chances are you’re not in the middle of a city where the best of the best are plentiful. So what can you do to convince someone with incredible credentials to commute to your company every single day? It could be all about the benefits: Medical Extra private cover for medical or dental needs is still very attractive. In fact, it is more attractive now than ever before. It’s a benefit for you as an employer too. Private healthcare can reduce the number of sick days needed to bring a worker back to the workplace. The extra benefits can also be preventative in nature. This is certainly a benefit worth including in your package. Car If your new recruit has a way to travel, why not offer them a brand new car to ease the burden of the journey? This can be an essential benefit if your employee has to travel as part of their duties. Some companies like All Car Leasing for Business offer a wide range of choice so you can pick a vehicle that works for you both. A new car every two years can certainly be an enticing benefit for a new employee. Childcare Not all employees have kids, so this might not appeal to everyone. If you can arrange a deal with a local creche or nursery, this can be incredibly helpful. Alternatively, you might be able to join a vouchers scheme. The employee pays an agreed amount out of the salary before tax. This can be changed each month and means that no tax is paid on the childcare vouchers. Gym Membership Not everyone wants to go to the gym, so consider a facility that offers more than just treadmills. This is another benefit that will benefit you as the boss too. Healthy and fit workers tend to take fewer sick days. They also tend to have more energy and a more positive approach. Best of all, you’re seen to be caring for the welfare of your workforce. Beyond the gym membership, you might consider a company sports team. You might even schedule training during work hours and have matches against other local businesses. It’s good for building rapport. Image source Pension More and more people are concerned about their future finances. The age of retirement keeps moving further and further away. This means that early retirement is proving harder and harder to fund. If you can offer a great pension scheme, then this becomes a very attractive reason for coming to work for you. If your business is very small, then you may be exempt from the obligation of providing access to a pension. However, it’s certainly worth considering if you want to attract the most talented staff members. Sometimes you need to give a little more to get a whole lot back. Taking care of your employees is essential. Making their work a little easier to fit into their lifestyle could also be attractive. How do you attract the best workers?  ]]>

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