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How to Recruit like a Boss

Taking on workers is a major step for any business to take. It shows that you are expanding, turning over profit and need staff on board to help with the workload. This is all extremely positive. However, becoming an employer also comes with a gargantuan amount of responsibility, so it’s important that you know what you are taking on in order to maintain a healthy and happy workforce and team. Looking at the make up of previous bosses, my readings, responses from the likes of LinkedIn etc and stories, here’s a few examples of where bosses shine in the people department. Recruiting the Best People An individual who may shine in one company may not be entirely at home in another. So it’s important that you know what kind of person you are looking for to fill each position you have available. If certain qualifications are necessary, sift through CVs and focus on whether individuals have met your expectations or not. If they aren’t necessary, focus more on personality, mindset and work ethic. You can always train employees in specialist areas once they have taken on the role. Also, remember to take your brand’s image into account at the same time as seeking out someone who has experience and the necessary qualifications to undertake the work expected of them. Take a page out of other company’s books: Lush, for example, offers organic, cruelty-free beauty products. Their brand is based on principles of animal welfare and high-quality natural produce. It then makes sense that their employees are often vegetarian or vegan and tend to have very natural aesthetics (dreadlocks, little makeup, unpainted nails, etc). Employees at a bank, on the other hand, are fulfilling a professional service, so banks tend to choose clean cut individuals with neutral hair colors and no visible tattoos or piercings. Bear in mind how you want your brand to appear to potential customers and find an employee who fits in well with your brand ethics, principles and aesthetics. If you don’t have much time to seek out staff yourself, use recruitment agencies or executive search agencies. Don’t always go for the big 5, look around. Someone like Eagle Headhunters or Latimer use their ability to adapt to maximize your investment and find the right people. These companies specialize in finding high-quality staff for you, whether you are searching for staff for low-level positions or individuals to fill higher roles like directorships. Offer Regular Training Every staff should be thoroughly informed of your company’s values, aims and expectations before starting on the job. You can ensure this by holding a training day for new staff members, in which they can be briefed on your company’s history, current projects and plans for the future. You should also offer regular training for established staff members. The marketplace is a constantly changing landscape, so it’s always good to keep everyone on top of current trends, new software or products and the habits of competitor companies. This will allow them to offer the best work possible and make every staff member comfortable in their role. Remember that staff are the backbone of any company, so it is important to take on the right individuals and then to keep them happy and comfortable. You don’t want to lose high-quality staff members to rival companies. Regular training, rewards, and incentives will help to keep staff members loyal to your brand and motivated in their actions.]]>

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