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ROXI by Electric Jukebox Unboxing Review

ROXI, Electric Jukebox’s second home entertainment system is the combination of the first portable jukebox and a singstar party game. In a world of connectable fun, it seems that Electric Jukebox are the only company solely focussing on making music accessible for all ages and experience levels. With usernames, subscriptions, passwords and multi level access controls from standard, basic, premium and ultra premium DLC type content, it’s refreshing to see that the ROXI is simple. Kids today spend a staggering 23 hours a week isolated on phones, tablets, game consoles and computers – twice the time spent talking to mum and dad! It’s no wonder 66% of parents crave more family time with their kids. Instead of isolating kids from their parents, they’ve made ROXI a sharer and simple. A philosophy they’ve taken from their packaging all the way through to how the system works and the UI makes you navigate through. They want the experience to be seamless and homely, this is an experience you want to share and that’s reflected in their packaging when you take the box out. There’s a microphone shaped controller in the box, the main EJ box, a power adapter, HDMI cable and a micro USB. So just plug it in and you’re ready to go. The controller is even charged ready to go out of the box. So what happens when you turn it on! Not much. Just be prepared with your Wifi password. This really is a great bit of kit but you need to make sure you’re not duplicating what you’ve got already.  Here’s my Facebook Live session to explain what I think of the ROXI in a little bit more detail. Remember Christmas is around the corner and for those that don’t have access to the likes of Spotify give them the magic of music and be prepared for some karaoke sessions too. ROXI is available in multiple outlets but you wanna go to the makers! ROXI by Electric Jukebox is available in Red, Blue, Charcoal for £199 from www.electricjukebox.com *We were given the ROXI to review and all views and content are mine and honest!]]>

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