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How to Be the Best Person for the Job

Finding a job is rarely straightforward. If you’ve taken time out or you’re looking for a new challenge, you may be bracing yourself for a rollercoaster ride. Competition for roles is fierce, the application process can be long-winded and time-consuming, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a positive outcome. If you’ve found an opening that appeals, you want to ensure that you’re the best man for the job, so how do you leave the competition in your wake? Here are some practical tips to help you stand out for all the right reasons

Getting your application right

Remember that it’s very rare for an employer to meet you before they consider your application, so you need to know how to sell yourself on paper. Think carefully when you’re putting answers to questions together and make sure you have the job description with you so that you can tailor your responses. Revise your CV for each application and tweak it to make it relevant to that role. Highlight your skills and strengths and don’t include unnecessary information. Your application should be snappy, and it should grab the employer’s attention from the outset. If you’re writing a cover letter or you’ve been asked to answer questions or write a statement, try and convey your passion for the position and show the panel how much you want the job.

Making yourself the best candidate

To get a job offer, you have to beat others to the top of the pile. To do this, make yourself the best possible candidate you can be. What are your strengths? What experience do you have? Why are your skills suited to this job? If you keep getting knocked back because other people are better qualified or they have more experience, consider aiming slightly lower on the ladder so that you can get the experience you need or take classes or training sessions to improve your CV. Think about what you could give you the edge over other candidates. Consider a job in the media, for example. If you’re on a level playing field, but you have completed CAA approved drone training, the company may be more eager to offer you the role. Look into trends, see what opportunities there are to develop your skillset, and be willing to learn. [caption id="attachment_15758" align="aligncenter" width="850"] People hangout together at coffee shop[/caption]

Excelling at the interview stage

It’s common for employers to invite candidates to an interview after they’ve reviewed applications. Interviews are an opportunity to get to know people, get a feel for how they work under pressure and get a sense of what they could offer the business. As a candidate, this is your chance to shine, so try and relax, prepare as thoroughly as possible, and stay calm. Arrive on time, dress smartly, and don’t forget to maintain eye contact. If you’ve been asked to do a presentation, go through it before the interview, ask friends or family members for feedback and speak slowly and clearly. Inject enthusiasm and be ready to answer questions.   Are you on the hunt for a new job? Are you looking for a fresh challenge? Hopefully, these tips will help you ensure that you’re the first choice candidate.]]>

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