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Don't Blame Your Tools Take Care of Them

Not every man loves DIY, that’s a given. However, if you are the kind of guy that looks forward to spending his weekends tinkering with this, that and the other, then it is vital that you know how to take proper care of your kit. After all, DIY tools don’t come cheap, do they? That is why taking care of them and making time for maintenance is so important. The fact is, if you take care of your tools, they will continue to work well for many years to come, which when you consider the price of them, is something that it is worthwhile taking the time to do. By taking proper care of your power tools and hand tools, you can ensure that whatever DIY project pops up, you have the tools on hand to deal with it and get the work done.   Here are some handy tips to help you to take care of your tools, ensuring that they remain in tip-top condition.   How can you care for hand tools?   There is a common misconception that hand tools are indestructible, but actually, that isn’t the case. If you don’t give your hand tools the care that they need, they will lose their strength and may even develop rust, which is why making maintenance a priority is so important. Whether you realise it or not, the elements can take their toll on your tools.   Regularly inspect and clean your tools. When it comes to looking after your valued tools, regularly taking the time to inspect them for any issues, such as rust or a wobbly handle, is vital. It is also important that you take the time to clean them, to remove any dirt and debris off of them, which will help to prevent rust from forming. If you notice rust, attempt to remove it, if not dispose of the tool as rust spreads.   Any tools with adjustable parts should be lubricated with oil after cleaning – a good oil to use is WD40, followed by scrubbing them with steel wool. This will help to fight corrosion and rust. For any tools with wooden handles, it is important to regularly sand the handles and re-seal them with wood varnish, to prevent water damage to the tool and splinters to the skin. What care do power tools need?   Just like hand tools need plenty of care, so do power tools such as drills, paint sprayers, and sanders. Because of their mechanical parts, power tools are more prone to problems than hand tools; they also have a shorter lifespan than hand tools. However, with the right care, they can still last for years.   It’s important that periodically, you inspect your power tools for any signs of damage. The fact is that you don’t want to leave your power tools to get in a state, which is why inspecting them regularly is so important. As well as looking at the tools themselves, pay special attention to power cords, keeping an eye out for any damage to them.   The parts of your power tools should be cleaned and lubricated, to ensure that no dirt or debris will cause rust to build up. Any machines that use air compressors, such as spray painting machines, should have air compressor maintenance performed on them, to ensure that they are kept in tip-top shape.   Don’t forget to check batteries for any damage, as often battery problems in power tools can be missed. That’s why having them checked by a professional at least once a year is so important, to prevent any potentially dangerous battery problems from occurring.   Remember, to keep your tools – both hand tools and power tools – in good condition, storing them properly is vital.  ]]>

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  1. Martin Lee Reply

    Great advice, a bad workmen always blames his tools…but if he was a good workman the tools would be fine!

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