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Give Your Bedroom A Facelift, Without Getting Out Of Bed

It sounds like a pretty wild claim I know, but it’s actually possible. That’s right you can get all the items you need to give your bedroom a facelift, while tucked up under your duvet! All you need is your laptop, bank card, and knowledge of how to buy bedroom products online without making any mistakes. The latter being something this post is designed to help you out with. Furniture One of the most impactful ways of giving a bedroom space a facelift is to replace the furniture that you have in there. To do this effectively from your cosy bed, rather than having to drag yourself around all the showrooms and brick and mortar shops, you need to first start with a site like Pinterest. Why Pinterest you ask? Well, it’s there that you can find inspiration for the bedroom you would like to create. You can even collate all of the information and images together to you have a quick visual reference guide to the style, colour, and type of furniture that you are looking for. Once you have this sorted, it’s time to search online for items that you can actually purchase and get delivered to your home. There are two ways of doing this. The first is to use the pictures from Pinterest and put them into image search. Then click ‘shopping’ to filter the results. The second is to go straight to online stores that you know stock the style of furniture you are looking for. Shops like Worldwide Reproductions are good for mid-century retro reproductions, while stores such as Chateau are perfect for a more baroque feel. Then you can order online, and the only time you will have had to get out of bed for the whole process is when it gets delivered to your door! Bed The focal point of any bedroom is obviously the bed, so this is something that you will want to change if you are looking to give your room a facelift. However, is buying a bed online without trying it first a good idea? Usually not, as you have no idea how firm or soft it is before you part with your hard-earned money. However, there is an exception to this rule, that can enable us not to have to unwind ourselves from the duvet when purchasing a bed. It’s using online stores like John Ryan by Design, as they focus specifically on providing as much information and advice on their range of beds as they can. They even offer a 60-day money back guarantee. Something that means if you decide your bed isn’t comfortable enough after two months, you are not left out of pocket if you wish to return it. Bedding and curtains Once you have the larger items in the room under control, it’s time to shift your attention to the soft furnishings. However, don’t for one second, think that these aren’t just as important as the bed and furniture because they are. In fact, they are what sets the tone of your entire bedroom space. Luckily, purchasing such item online is easy, as there is a massive selection to choose from. In fact, the only difficulty you may end up with is actually narrowing it down to the ones you will buy. With this in mind try to invest in quality items, from mid-priced shops, rather than cheap throwaway trendy ones. The reason for this being that texture of the fabric will feel a lot better against your skin while you are sleeping and help you to get a good night’s rest. Remember to look at the fabric quality, as this can help you get a good night’s sleep. Accessories Last, of all, you will want to accessories to finish the look of your bedroom facelift. Some of these might be purely decorative. Although others might have a partial function as well like a wake-up clock, white noise machine, or an aromatherapy diffuser. The trick to buying bedroom accessories online is to aim to get them from the shops that you have bought the furniture, bed or bedding from. The reason for this is that it can be super difficult to tell the true colour of something in an online picture. Something that means you may order a turquoise vase from one shop to go with your turquoise bedding from another, and then be sorely disappointed when your order arrives. However, if the accessory you buy is in the picture with the other items you have purchased you will know it goes, even if the colour tone of the picture is a little off. Something that can help you to finish your bedroom facelift shopping, without ever having to get out of bed! ]]>

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