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How to Get Employed This Summer #Recruitment #Tips

The majority of people believe summer season is the worst time to carry out a work search. Between university student and high school students consuming the marketplace, getaways, delaying spending plans, etc.

The market would certainly seem to be volatile throughout the summer season making it a bad time to carry out a job search. This isn’t ultimately true! Businesses that rely on quality talent throughout the year to either fufil client obligations or as their budgets start to be fufiled, fill the gaps in their resourcing needs.
I know this pain myself from both sides having just moved jobs and also recruiting talent across Europe as part of this new job. But don’t get me wrong it’s not easy and won’t expect to walk into a job. You’ll still need to be well presented, impress at interview and know where to look.
Here are some tips to make your search and application a whole lot more effective:

Hone your telephone skills.

The best candidates I’ve ever interviewed have come and found me. They’ve either walked through the door or picked up the phone. This may not be for everyone however if your role involves account management or sales, you’re already showing off your skillset.
Bare in mind, with people on holiday, you will be hitting more voice mail messages compared to normal. Always make calls and be prepared to take notes and keep in mind of when your contacts will certainly be back in the office. Set an email as much as be provided the day * after * the person’s return and set a tip to call again the 2nd day after he/she returns.
Ensure you leave a clear, informative voice mail. Make sure you specify your name two times, your phone number two times, and also your message when. Provide a good time for a call-back. The following is a basic formula for an efficient voice mail.
” Hello, this is First Name and Surname. My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. I am calling because I’ve seen that you are advertising for an XXX and think that I would be a good fit for that position. I will arrange to give you a call back next week or if you’d like to speak to me sooner my number again is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thank you!”
If looking for international include your area code with your phone number. Often times, individuals could not return phone calls since they are not exactly sure where the caller is calling from. Talk slowly and also plainly, particularly if English is not your native tongue. Offer greater than one number when possible and also repeat both of them two times.
*If you can’t get hold of them over the phone, the next step is in person! Nearly every candidate that has taken the time to find me in person has been hired!! (P.S don’t expect everyone to turn up at my house!)

Interview Great!

When you’ve opened up the opportunity with persistent and strategic calling make sure you expand on the great work with an even better first impression. Because you will get an interview!
First impressions in an interview is a mixture of posture (confidence) and presentation (dress). Don’t forget that the first face to face impression is normally with reception or the PA of the decision maker. It’s a well-known fact that if there’s a tie between two really good candidates, the opinion on how they entered the building/site can be the differentiator. I’ve had people before speed off in a restricted area and it’s been phoned through by security! NAUGHTY!
Then, of course, comes how you dress. Ladies, you know what to do. I’ve never had a badly dressed women to an interview, it’s like you just know. I think it comes down to the preparation put in too, you’re always well prepared.
Gents! Come on now. Let me ask you a question. How much is the job worth to you?
I’ve had interviews where a high-level candidate has said the role will be life-changing and yet they sat there in an ill-fitting suit with a well-worn shirt and no tie.
If you’re looking to lose weight you’ll invest in a gym membership, healthy eating and protein shakes, clothing etc.
If you’re looking to give up smoking you’ll probably invest in vape things, chewing gum or even some Paul Mckenna type books.
So why aren’t you investing in yourself for your life changing interview?
The pictures above are from the men’s formal shirts on offer at The Savile Row company with some perfect tie combinations.
It wasn’t difficult, they had everything divided up into styles and fit you just pick the occasion and there you go! If you’re unsure there’s even a Fits Explained section.
For those that don’t want to invest too much in your future, there’s always an offer or a clearance shirt.
I love Savile Row’s shirts and not only is it the staple in my new job, but the shirts I’ve trusted since my wedding day.
If you’re a family man like me, you’ll want a shirt that holds up to the best and worst!
Best as in cuddles when you’ve just come home from your first day after getting your new job, and worst when you’ve just had amazing cuddles and you’ve got mucky little fingerprints on your brand new shirt!

Stay Positive!

Remember only one person can get the job and in a highly competitive marketplace, you’re probably going up against a lot of candidates. If you’ve opened up the client with quality calling and relationship building, made an amazing first impression and looked the part, if you’re not successful you can hold your head up high.

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