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How to drive traffic to your blog

In the traditional days of brick and mortar business, professionals vied for the best commercial properties in high footfall locations. Why? Because if more people passed by your store, you’d generally find that larger numbers would enter and actually make purchases at some point or another. In short, the more traffic passing by, the more sales you would make. Nowadays, more of us operate online. But the same logic applies. The more people who visit your website, the more sales you are likely to generate. However, you can’t just buy a prominent spot on the web. So, how can you direct as much traffic as possible to your website? Here are a few tips and tricks!   SEO   The first step you should make on your journey to secure increasing traffic is to engage with SEO. Seeing as you can’t really just wander around the web in the same way that you can high street stores, customers tend to input what they’re looking for into search engines. The search engines will then generate a list of results that best meet the user’s needs and requests. The higher you appear in the list, the more likely the individual is to click on the link to your page where they can then browse what you have to offer. So, start researching an SEO agency as soon as possible. A good quality SEO agency will be able to help your business’ webpage to appear as high in search engine results as possible.   Social Media Mentions   You should set up social media feeds for your business, as huge numbers of people engage with social media and it’s always good to place your business where the masses are focusing their attention. Always include a link to your website in each page’s bio. This will give customers a direct route from your social media feed to the place where customers can actually engage with your brand and make purchases. Now, the more people mention your brand on social media, the more people will click your social media page and the more people who will, in turn, be directing to your website. You can secure mentions by sending freebies or free samples out to social media influencers in exchange for a shout out.   Holding Competitions   Consumers love a good competition. After all, it’s an opportunity to gain something for practically nothing. However, on your side, it’s a great way to direct people to your website. Advertise a competition and note that to enter, people have to visit your website. Make sure there is a competition form on your page. This will allow people to enter, but once they’re on your page, they’re much more likely to start browsing what you have for sale and may purchase a thing or two in the process.   These are just a few different ideas to get the ball rolling. Remember that consumers won’t necessarily make their way to your page of their own accord, so it’s extremely important to make a little more effort yourself and guide them in the right direction!]]>

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