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A Bloggers Guide: How to Make a Logo and Build a Brand with WIX

Building your brand is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do as a blogger. It’s your identity, what the world sees and it’s the thing that screams this is me! When I first started Corporate Dad I knew that it was going to be filled with lots of posts about the difficulties of being a working parent, the challenges faced being a working parent and then all the adventures we’d have together. I have two daughters, one a teenager and another a rainbow child, there’s also a vintage-inspired wife, a stressful job and chickens! (Don’t ask) I’ve tried to put that all into a logo when I first started, haha, want to see my attempt? I’m not into marketing, it isn’t my thing so I had no way of starting this project and ended up using an old logo idea I had making it black and putting my text in bold. So as you can see I’ve had some challenging attempts at a logo but I think thanks to WIX and some fine editing, I now have something simple, corporate but shows the love I have for my family The video below will show you how easy it was to create with the WIX Logo Maker and the end results. What an unbelievably easy way to turn your ideas and thoughts into something which has troubled me for so many years. A design is so important to an identity and I feel that I’ve now got three colours, dark blue, grey and white as well as a logo and a header and subtitle font. These are now going to help me form my brand and raise my game when it comes to social media marketing. Here are a few more alternatives of the same logo:

What do you think? Show me your Logo in the Comments Below!


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