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5 Ways to Increase SEO

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These days it seems it seems we spend most of our lives online. Our digital lives are more involved and intricate than our physical ones. And the same is true about business, so much of it is carried out online now, for many companies it has become the be-all and end-all of driving trade.  

However, if your business is struggling to get the traffic that you feel that you deserve, then you may need to address a few fundamental principles. People need to know you exist and where to find you, and if you have not left enough digital breadcrumbs out there, then they won’t know where to look. 

Conduct SEO Keyword Research

To boost your SEO, it’s not enough to just include relevant keywords in your content—you also have to pick the right keywords and use them in appropriate ways. Keyword research will tell you how many times a keyword is searched for each month, as well as the level of difficulty. If competition is high for a given keyword, the chances of your website standing out amongst all the others is low. 

It’s also a mistake to think that the more you include a keyword, the more likely you will be to rank on the first page of the SERP (search engine results page). Google recognizes this as ‘keyword stuffing’ and will think that your website is spam. Quality SEO keyword research done by yourself or with the help of a digital marketing agency is vital for setting you apart from your competition. 

Make Your Website Sleek

The first thing to think about is your website design. It needs to be sleek and attractive to start with. But these cosmetic factors are not going to get people to your site. Having a site that loads quickly and is optimized for tablets and smartphones, as well as desktops, will mean that you will win the favour of Google’s spiders. Periodically, every website online gets crawled by automatic bots that report back to Google and help determine page rankings. If your website design is letting you down by not loading quickly enough, then you need to work on getting it up to speed. 

Create Great Content

Google likes websites with good, reliable, and original content. If your site is not getting updated often enough, it will look like it’s not really in use anymore. Google will see this as meaning that it is not as relevant as it used to be. It will knock you down the rankings and give favour to a site that is posting content frequently on the same topic. 

Pushing Up The Search Rankings

Google’s business is all about sending people to the right information to match their search terms. If the websites that they are returning stop matching what the person is looking for, then people are not going to trust Google to find them the information that they need. They will go elsewhere. 

If you are not coming up in search results for the things that you believe you are relevant for, it may be because you have not got enough information on your site to determine that you are a worthwhile resource for this. Go back to your content and make sure that you cover all of the relevant keywords. 

Links Are Key

Getting other sites to link to yours is important if you want to move up the rankings. Google loves it when lots of other sites are linking to a single source. Having another website link to your says ‘this is good content.’ Think about getting bloggers to talk about you and link back to you. An SEO company can help you with blogger outreach to build up your link profile by providing guest posts to influential blogs. In a similar manner, links within your site pointing back to you are important. 

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