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Why SEO is Still Worth Your Time

We’ve talked before about whether SEO is dead, and concluded that it is still a valuable tool for bloggers, online businesses and marketing companies. But, it’s still a popular topic of conversation. Online companies and website owners wonder if SEO is worth their time. New bloggers often think that they should spend all of their time on social media marketing, as in the early days, this is where they see fast results, and the world of SEO is confusing and complicated. Online businesses may wonder if they would be better off employing PPC or pay per click advertising to get people onto their sites. They think that spending a little on PPC is easier, and more effective, than complex SEO practices. 

But, SEO isn’t dead. If you got into online business many years ago, the SEO that you learnt might have evolved and changed. But it hasn’t died or vanished. Like your business, SEO has changed. Search engines have become smarter, and a post filled with keywords no longer tricks them. SEO is no longer a one-trick pony, and keywords are less important than ever. But, focusing on long-tail keywords, answering questions, adding images and videos, taking your time over meta descriptions, and getting help from seo services can still be hugely beneficial and worthwhile. Here’s why.

It Will Save You Time

SEO takes time. People are tempted to avoid it because they don’t have time. But, long term, it can save you time, especially if you get help. Have you ever looked at old content and cringed? Because it’s poorly written, and in no way appealing to readers or search engines? Get your SEO right, and your content won’t need massive changes in the future. 

It Makes Old Content Work

When we focus on social media marketing, we mainly focus on our most recent content. If all of your most viewed posts are new, then your SEO isn’t good enough. With proper SEO, those old posts will keep getting read, and remain popular as long as they are relevant. Your old content will keep working and bringing readers to your site for years to come. 

SEO Will Make Your Blog Look Professional

Good SEO doesn’t mean writing for search engines. It primarily means writing for your readers, answering their questions, giving them what they need. This means that your site looks more professional and less like a hobby blog. Social media marketing and PPC won’t give you this. 

Better Quality of Traffic

Image Source – CC0 Licence https://pixabay.com/photos/digital-marketing-seo-google-1725340/

In the early days, you might not care who reads your site as long as they do. But, over time you start to see that the quality of your traffic is important. Appeal to the right people, and you’ve got a better chance of turning views into sales or subscriptions. Your bounce rate will be lower, and your return traffic higher. These are the people that will become loyal customers or readers, and spend money in your business. 

To Get Ahead of the Competition

SEO is always evolving and growing, and it always will be. Stay on top of changes and developments, make improvements as you learn, and your site will stay ahead of the competition. 

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