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A Dads Weekend Off: How Do You Spend Yours?

They say when you become a parent there really never is a time where you can enjoy a day off. You are always on call, am I right? You have to be around when your little ones scream for you in the night, need to be at school or to after school clubs, and generally at their beck and call. However, as parents it is also important to take care of each others needs, and often giving one another some time for a break can be just what is needed to recharge those batteries. So if you were presented with a weekend off, what would you do? Here are some suggestions.

Packed and Ready to Go

Learning a new skill
Perhaps you want to use the time wisely and learn some new skills, and I can imagine there will be plenty of things you may want to try. Perhaps you may want to think about something sports related, perhaps taking tennis or golf lessons or something a little more extreme like surfing if you live close to the coast. You can easily pick up everything you would need from one of the UK’s longest established surf shops online, and it could really be something to tick off your bucket list. A skill could also be more academic, maybe learning a language or taking the time to pursue a hobby or learn something for a business. The options are endless.

Enjoying time with friends
Maybe you would just spend the weekend with friends, and why not? After all, when you become parents, especially if some of them are in the same boat as you, you can find that you don’t get much downtime to just sit and chat. You may spend the majority of the time talking about your family, but at least you can enjoy the social aspect of it.
Catching up on the week
Many people use time off at the weekend to actually catch up with jobs or there workload, so maybe this would be how you spend yours. It gives you a chance to clear down the emails and get a head start on the work moving forward.
Visiting someplace new
Maybe you want to use the time to visit a new place. There can be great opportunities to use specific weekends to visit certain towns or cities in the country. You could invite some friends along and really enjoy the sights and the chance of a full night’s sleep. Which is always going to be an incentive to enjoy the weekend.


Spending it with the family anyway
Finally, maybe you just want to spend the time with your family. After all, we may all day dream about full night’s sleep and time away, but really when it comes to it, is that something we really want to do? Probably not. Maybe the next time you do have some free time on the weekend you could all go away together.
I hope this has given you something to think about when it comes to using a free weekend wisely. ]]>

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