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When You’re Starting Your New Business

Many people have the ambition of working for themselves at some point in their lives. It might be that they like the idea of having a more flexible approach to working, allowing them to work hours that suit them and their lifestyle or family.

It could be that you want the chance to create something from nothing, and you have the ambition to succeed and take something from an idea to a fully fledged business. Whatever your reasoning for it, you may be teetering on the edge of wanting to make it your reality. The problem many people face is actually having that idea in the first place.
Some people are lucky enough to get that light bulb moment. They have an idea, they nurture it in their mind, they make plans and then it becomes their reality. But for others, the sheer ambition is just to do something for yourself, and the ideas just don’t come naturally to you or they just don’t ignite enough passion. That’s where this article may help you out. Here are some collated industries and ideas that could see you finally working for yourself in the future.

Using your past skills and just working for yourself
One of the first things you could consider doing for yourself could be one of the most obvious choices. Look at the job you do now? Could that be something you do for yourself rather than working for someone else? People who previously worked in the travel industry went on to work freelance and create holiday packages for their customers and clients. People who have worked in the financial industry have got accredited themselves and become brokers from home for mortgages and loans. You may provide a service for something like writing or administration, and feel that you could offer this out on a one to one basis. The inspiration could be right in front of you, so what are you wanting for? Do the job or career you do now, just for yourself.
Blogging and vlogging
One of the newest jobs that have come out of the 21st century happened to be blogging and vlogging. Both similarly but very different as well. Years ago, should you have said that you had a blog or you were a blogger people would stare at you blankly not knowing what you were talking about. These days pretty much everyone has a blog, but could you take your blog to the next level and make money from it? Nowadays blogging has become a chosen methods of advertising for many big companies and brands, and this could see you working with them on content such as images and written blogs. Further to that, vlogging has also become a job for many people. This is where instead of writing content you share video content. People have gone on to make these things their full time jobs and businesses, and if you already have a blog or YouTube channel you are already on the road to making this your reality.

Freelance social media manager
Just like blogging and vlogging has become a new career opportunity so has social media management. Right now you could be employed in this very position, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it for yourself. Gaining your own clients and managing their social media could be a great job for you and a business opportunity that could be enhanced and built upon. You could focus on your local area, or a certain niche style for businesses. You can pick and choose by taking advantage of websites like People Per Hour, or seek out clients on a more long term basis.
Reseller on eBay
Another new career opportunity that has developed in recent years is to consider selling things online. There is a need for people to get decent tings, and people are willing to buy used and second hand items online. However, while we all have an opportunity to sell our own things, people either don’t have the time or just choose not to, and they sell at car boots sales for cheap or donate to charity. However, you could hunt these items out and then resell them for a profit on websites like eBay. So many people are doing this these days and there can be some real money to be made.often it doesn’t need much in the way of start up costs so it could be a great business opportunity for you to develop into straight away.
Working in construction or the building arena
Perhaps you already have a job in construction or the building field, and so might want o consider using these skills to go at it alone. Creating your own construction firm, or simply project managing and outsourcing builders and such into the project could be a great way to earn a living and work for yourself. However, if you do have people working for you, but are not necessarily employed by you then you may want to consider the Construction Industry Scheme to make sure you are protected. There will always be a demand for this sort of job role and business, and so if you are lucky enough to already have the certificates in place, then this could be a great avenue for you to take.

Going back to college to train
On the subject of building and construction jobs, while it may not be something you do now that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be something that you consider in the future. You could think about going back to college and learning a new skill in the likes of plumbing or electronics. Many people see this as a great way to create a business as there will always be a need for people that do these sorts of service jobs well. It may take a little longer, and it might be worth working for someone one you do get the certificates and qualifications first for some experience. But aside from that this could be an excellent future prospect to finally work for yourself.
Selling products
Maybe you want to consider a retail career when it comes to working for yourself. Selling different products could be the one. Perhaps you have just started a family, and now have a key interest in baby or children’s clothings. Selling different lines that have been created by small businesses or even developing your own could be the way forward. It might be that you already want to join a reputable company, and become one of their sales ambassadors. This can often give you the chance of working for yourself without the worry of buying in stock etc. Often they already have an established brand that you can work with.
Selling a service
You might be really skilled when it comes to different services. Perhaps you are great at creating blog style content or articles, or maybe you like the idea of offering services like administration. Something you might have done before. Thankfully it is now easier than ever for people to offer and advertise their services through different websites and platforms, but also through having your own website and social media profiles. Now is the time to start looking into it.
Website developer
Digital careers are always going to be one of the most popular ways that you can work for yourself, and developing websites could be the way forward. Whether you are creating a blog for a business or individual, or a website where people can shop online and place orders, there will always be a big market for this, so the more skills you can learn in code and website development, the more opportunities you are going to have to create a business from the skill and work for yourself. The beauty of this job is that it can easily be done at home, without the need for large overheads.
Are you great at creating content? Are you able to make blog content and articles pop? Then perhaps a career working as a copywriter could work for you. This is another avenue you could go down to work for yourself freelancing, and there are plenty of websites where work is advertised so that you could pick and choose what you do. Alongside that, there are also search engine optimisation agencies and digital agencies that require people to create blog content on a consistent level.
Dog walker or pet carer
Finally, there is a huge demand for people wanting others to help take care of their pets. As demands on people increase such as long hours in work, their pets can often be the ones that suffer. This is when creating a business and becoming a professional dog walker or even a pet sitter could be a great thing to consider. It gives you flexibility, as well as being able to work locally, and it could really help you create a lovely small business that works on times that suit you.
Let’s hope this has given you some ideas and motivation to finally work for yourself in the future. ]]>

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