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It's Time to Speak Out About Health and Safety in the Workplace!

When we hear the words “health and safety”, we tend to release a sigh or roll our eyes.

We associate these words with having to engage with extensive training, wearing personal protective equipment that doesn’t look particularly good and isn’t particularly comfortable, and having to fill in all sorts of paperwork. Health and safety is dull. It isn’t fun. But at the end of the day, it’s an absolute essential, especially when it comes to operating within your workplace.
Health and safety guidelines, rules, and regulations are what keep you safe while you are at work and it’s your employers responsibility to ensure that they are abided by. This is all for your own sake! You don’t want to become injured as a direct result of work – not only would this entail physical pain, emotional trauma, and interfere with your work life, as you will need to take time off to recover, but it could interfere with your personal life too. Injury and illness can see you experience difficulty in engaging with day to day tasks and enjoying your time at home with your family and friends. In extreme situations, breaches of health and safety protocol could even result in fatalities.
So, it’s about time that we begin to talk seriously about health and safety in the workplace. It’s extremely important and the more you know on the subject, the more this will become apparent. Take a look at the infographic by Essentialskillz.com below if you want to further understand the importance of health and safety at work!

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