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How to Maximise Your Day Everyday

We’re all familiar with Instagram hashtags like YOLO and life’s too short. The trouble is that all too often, we post and upload photos and inspirational quotes, but don’t actually take any notice of them ourselves. Living your best life isn’t necessarily about going to certain places or buying items you’ve lusted after for years. Getting the most out of every day can actually boil down to very simple things. If you’re on a mission to use your time wisely and to eke out every morsel of happiness on offer in this thing called life, here are some pointers.

Modify your sleep regime

Do you ever feel like you’re not firing on all cylinders, or do you frequently have days when you feel flat? Tiredness is a mental and physical barrier, which affects a vast number of people. There are myriad reasons why folk struggle to sleep, but often, routine plays a crucial role. If you’re up until the early hours bingeing on the Netflix series du jour one night, and you’re trying to overcompensate by crawling into bed at 8pm the next, your body clock is going to be all over the place. Try and get into the habit of getting into bed and getting up at a similar time every day. Of course, your social life or work commitments may demand slight adjustments, but if you can get into a routine, this will help you sleep. You should notice a positive difference almost immediately. You won’t dread the morning alarm going off, and you should feel more energised throughout the day. When you sleep like a dream, it’s much easier to face the day with a positive attitude, and you’ll probably find that work tasks seem more manageable, and you have more motivation and enthusiasm for catching up with friends or spending time indulging your interests.

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Become a morning person

Some people jump out of bed filled with good vibes, ready for the day ahead. Their head is in the game from moment one, and by 10am, they’ve already worked through half of their to-do list. For others, mornings are a struggle. If you’re in the second camp, you can’t undergo a magical personality or mindset transplant, but there are ways you can become more of a morning person. The first priority is obviously ensuring you get enough sleep, so that you don’t feel like somebody is sticking pins in your eyes when your phone goes off and it’s time to get up. The second thing to do is get yourself organised in advance, so that mornings become simple and stress-free. Even little things, like getting your lunch ready or ironing clothes the night before, can make a difference. It’s also crucial to start the day with a healthy, hearty breakfast that will see you through until lunch. Try and resist the temptation to fuel your body with a coffee or a quick croissant on the go. Opt for slow-release carbohydrates and foods that contain protein and vitamins and minerals. Good examples include porridge, vegan pancakes or yoghurt and fruit. You can adapt the menu based on your dietary preferences. Another tip for people who find mornings a challenge is to start every day with a plan so that you know exactly what you’re doing.

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Boost your energy levels

There’s nothing like the feeling of having loads of energy and enthusiasm for the day that lies ahead. Sadly, for many of us, this state of ecstasy is sporadic, rather than commonplace. If your energy levels are low, or you find it difficult to get or stay motivated, there are multiple changes you can make. Take a look at your diet before you start researching supplements or products like a testosterone booster. Unless you have underlying health issues or deficiencies, you should be able to get everything you need from your diet. Choose foods that have nutritional value, and make sure you’re eating enough. Your body needs fuel to function, particularly if you have an active lifestyle. Avoid fad diets, don’t cut out entire food groups, and plan a menu that focuses on nutritious main meals. If you eat well, you get enough sleep, and you still struggle with low energy levels, seek medical advice. There are conditions, for example, anaemia and thyroid issues, which can make you feel drained and lethargic. Your activity levels also have a role to play. If you’re not an active person, try and increase the amount of exercise you do on a weekly basis. Exercise tires your body out, but it also makes you feel alive and lifts your mood. When your body moves, this triggers a chain reaction, which elevates natural serotonin and dopamine levels and releases endorphins. You might feel shattered as you approach that final kilometre on the treadmill, but you can guarantee that half an hour later, you’ll feel great.

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Be happy

It sounds cliché, but being happy is an integral part of being healthy. Devote some time every day to protecting and boosting your happiness and wellbeing. Invest time in hobbies, take a moment to enjoy your own company, and reach out to people who make you feel good. Social interaction can turn a dreadful day into a tolerable one, and spending time painting, writing, running, doing yoga, listening to music, fishing, playing golf or baking can improve your mood, help you to relax and provide a distraction from potential sources of stress. It’s so important to work on your mental health, as well as your physical wellbeing. Seeing the body as a single entity can be hugely beneficial. Just as you can take steps to keep physiological illnesses at bay, you can also nourish your soul and shield your mental health.

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Do you ever feel like you’re plodding along, and not really making the most of your time on this planet? In the age of social media, it can be difficult to live up to the ‘living your best life’ mantle, but there are several ways you can get more out of your day without emanating the influencer lifestyle. Focus on simple things that will make a positive difference to your mindset, your energy and enthusiasm levels and your happiness.

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