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Staying Fit and Healthy at Work

When you throw yourself in a new professional adventure as challenging as starting your own company, you are prepared to change your routine. The typical 9-to-5 workday doesn’t apply anymore. As an entrepreneur, you’re likely to accumulate long hours to get things started. Additionally, you might fall behind your social routine, such as catching up with friends throughout the week or meeting up your best mate for a drink. When you’re in the process of building solid foundations for your business, you’ll find it difficult to make time for anything that isn’t work-related. However, if your business working hours don’t let you keep up with your friends, for now, you need to make sure to make time for your fitness routine. Indeed, staying fit can be your best ally as a new entrepreneur. 

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It relieves stress

Working out is the best stress relief you can find. Indeed, when you exercise, you can get rid of the tensions accumulated during the day. As stress is one of the most challenging factors to manage for new entrepreneurs, finding ways to cope can be a life-saviour. You might want to keep a gym bag under your desk with a change of GASP clothing and your best pair of running trainers, for long and stressful days. Maintaining your fitness routine gives you more control over your mental health. De-stressing is vital! 

It feeds your brain

Exercising is one thing. But extending your fitness routine to your food is another. Making healthy choices when you work hard all day can be tricky. The last thing you crave at the end of the day is a plate of greens. However, greens are precisely what you need to fuel your brain. Keeping all your vitamins and minerals can help you to think better and faster. Junk food might sound like a fantastic idea, but excess sugar and fat will only slow you down and clog your cognitive process. 

It improves your creativity 

As an entrepreneur, you might find yourself always jumping from an idea to another, unable to focus. It’s a reasonably common issue that many new entrepreneurs face. There is so much to tackle, and it’s impossible to know where to start. As a result, the constant flow of thoughts can slow your creativity. Exercising, however, gives your mind its best protection against racing thoughts. Working out helps you to recentre yourself and clear your head. 

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It gives you a sense of control

Starting a new company from scratch is a rollercoaster of emotions. While you are motivated, there is so much to learn that you might sometimes wonder if you’ve got what it takes. You can’t afford to doubt yourself when you’re building a business. You need to be confident in your decisions. More importantly, you need to carry through difficulties without worrying whether you are good enough for it. However, you can’t avoid issues and challenges in your position. But keeping in control of your fitness routine and your body can give you an anchor when you’re about to fall into self-doubts. Indeed, when you manage your fitness, you can measure improvements. Being in control of your body can allow you to feel more confident to face business challenges. 

Fitness is not a waste of your time as an entrepreneur. It’s your key to success. Your fitness routine can help you to manage your mental health and improve your cognitive abilities, making you more performant as you build your business. 

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