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What to Get Dad over Christmas

When it comes to buying Christmas presents, there can always be that especially difficult person to know just what to get.  This often applies to Dads, they do so much for us all year round and finding the right gift that lets them know we appreciate all they do can always be a bit of a chore.


Sometimes your Dad might need a new pair of slippers but it’s not the most exciting gift you can think of.  Slippers are often a very common Christmas gift we give to our Dads but for the man who works all year round for his family maybe we can do better.  If you really want to get Dad footwear, maybe a pair of Fendi sneakers might just be the perfect present. The Fendi’s designer range might just have that something he will get more use out of than another pair of slippers.


Another Christmas classic is to buy some sort of comical gift often coming in the form of a shirt.  As enjoyable as it is to see Dad lounging around on Christmas with his new shirt, I am sure there are other fun things to do on Christmas day.  For the working Dad, if you want to get him a shirt find him something smart and if you don’t know his size make sure you keep the gift receipt.


Getting Dad, a tie might not sound like the most exciting gift idea in the world but can be a nice stocking filler. Try to steer clear of anything that lights up, sings or is even too jazzy as it is likely it will never get worn. A tie with subtle patterns and colours usually helps bring an outfit together and these are always a safe option.


Getting Dad cologne can usually be a safe move when done right but you need to be sure you know just which colognes he likes.  It can be easy just to pick up a cheap cologne for Dad as a stocking filler, but if it’s just going to there all year-round gathering dust it’s maybe not worth it.  If cologne is something you really want to get for Dad this Christmas be sure to make sure you get one you know he likes and will use.


Getting your Dad a case of beers or a cheap bottle of whiskey isn’t the most glamorous of gifts even if it’s likely he will enjoy it.  You can, however, get them a nice bottle of their favourite spirit with lots of places giving the option to personalise the bottle. Personalised gifts are the best as they show that extra bit of effort and lets Dad know just how much you care.  

Dads are great and deserve to get something nice to show them just how much you care.  At the end of the day it’s the thought that counts and no matter what you get your Dad for Christmas it’s likely he will appreciate it.

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