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How Blogging Saved Christmas

So it’s the first year since Dorothy has been born and finances are at the lowest for a very long time. But this year thanks to Blogging, we’ve been able to have fun and enjoy Christmas, have read blogs about great cheap ideas for things to do and been able to go places we wouldn’t have afforded. One of those places was Winter Wonderland at Eventcity in Manchester. Here’s a very short video of the whole evening: I can’t believe how amazing the carnival is considering last time I was there it was a Baby Expo! There’s some amazing places to go including full sized amusement rides and a carousel. We took Bethany and her friend and one of the greatest things about Winter Wonderland was because it was contained, everyone in there either had tickets or was part of the staff. There was security at every entrance and with ATM machines, toilets, food stalls and even a bar, they really had everything covered. Last note, Santa’s grotto was probably the best designed we’ve ever seen! Dorothy had a number of firsts on this trip. First time on a rollercoaster, first time flying through the air on a mad helicopter and first time seeing Mrs Claus without crying.

As I’ve said above, being a blogger introduces you to other very good bloggers.

I wasn’t feeling very Christmassy and I asked for some posts to get me in the mood. Overwhelmed by the response that I got and I’d like to share a couple with you here. Hopefully they can make you feel as loved and ready for Christmas as I am: http://fuelledbylatte.com/christmas-changed-isnt   I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did! Have a great Christmas, if you’re a blogger please do feel free to leave your post in the comments and I’ll have a look.   Phill x]]>


  1. minitravellers Reply

    Thanks so much for linking to my post! You will have a wonderful Christmas I’m sure x

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