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Balance the books for 2017

We’re in the run up to Christmas now, and I bet a lot of my readers are looking for ways that they can spend less, so they have more cash for Christmas and a more balanced 2017. We’ve all been there and overspent on Christmas, it’s a normal thing right. Well here’s a few ideas on ways in which you can balance those numbers and make January a good month to start 2017 and not dread those bills. Energy Savings The first thing that you should be looking at is your energy usage. Energy bills often rise through the winter months because the company wants to keep you in credit. Isn’t that nice, they’re looking after your spendings? Unfortunately, by pushing up the bills, they can put you in the position where you’re a little short at the end of the month. There’s an easy fix here. You can log in online to your energy bill and find out if you have any money in credit. If you do, you can withdraw that cash and spend it in the area that you need. In this case, that’s going to be presents. If you’re worried about your bills pushing you into deabt, I’ve got the answer. You just need to look for easy ways to save on electric, gas and electricity. For gas, the solution is simple. Through the winter months, you’re going to be tempted to push the thermostat up to keep warm. Instead, you should be wearing extra layers. This will keep you warm without costing a fortune. You can save in other ways by investing in green energy. You should be using LED bulbs in your home. These bulbs are great because they use a fraction of the energy your typical light bulb does, saving you plenty of money. Make sure you look into this once you start hanging up the Christmas lights. You can also consider switching your energy provider. Some energy providers offer cheaper rates, and all you have to do is complete an energy comparison. You can then switch to the cheapest deal. Price Checking You should be price checking whatever you buy for the home. It’s okay to go a little overboard with this idea. You should really be price checking everything that you buy to make sure you’re not spending more than you need. If you do this, you should find you save a lot of money without even trying. I certainly recommend you price check the weekly shop. All you need to do is head online, and you’ll find plenty of price comparison sites. There’s no excuse for not getting the cheapest deal every time you buy. Sell Old Tech Finally, I don’t know about you, but I’m a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to tech. I’ve got old mobile phones and TVs in the attic that aren’t even that old. If you’re like me, you can sell these and make a fortune in cash. You can then use that money to buy your kids what they want this Christmas. The solution to your money issues really could be that simple.]]>

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