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The ABCs Of Being A Happier (& Therefore Better) Dad

A happier dad is a better dad. Fact. As such, the pursuit of personal happiness isn’t a selfish concept. On the contrary, it’s one of the best way ways to give your child the start in life that they deserve.

In truth, though, millions of people spend a lifetime looking for happiness without ever achieving it. As a dad, you already have the greatest source of smiles in the form of your son or daughter. For the best results, though, you need to focus on yourself too. Here’s how.


Looking good makes you feel good. Nobody can deny it, and being ‘off the market’ isn’t an excuse to let your appearances fade. When you see a more attractive person in the mirror, it’s inevitable that a more positive outlook on life will follow.

There are several ways to invest in your look. Hair transplants are particularly useful for men that are thinning out on top. This gives you a new sense of confidence and offers a level of versatility that you’ve previously not had. New glasses or clothing choices can work wonders too.

Your appearance is also heavily influenced by your lifestyle choices. Hitting the gym, getting more sleep, and staying hydrated are all highly positive steps to take. Physical and mental health are closely linked. The sooner you incorporate the changes, the better.


Being a dad is your most important role. Time spent with your little angel or angels is the greatest source of happiness. Nonetheless, you should not ignore the need for adult company in your life. Creating time to see your friends, or even stay in touch via online gaming will bring huge rewards.

On a similar note, you should enjoy time with your partner. Home date nights are a great option. When you are happier as a couple, it’s something that your children can pick up on. This is a key step to building the happy home environment you all crave.

Finally, you should also create some time for personal hobbies. Whether it’s writing, watching sport, or gardening doesn’t matter. It’s possible to introduce your son or daughter to the hobbies too, but you should always reserve some time for doing them alone.


Above all else, every dad wants to feel that they are in control of their life. You want to be on top of your finances, have enough time to spend with the kids, and generally feel more organised. Compartmentalising the various aspects of your world is vital.

You naturally want to achieve success in whatever you do, not least because it sets an example for the kids. If you run a business, learning to appreciate the value of employees can make a big difference. Meanwhile, reducing financial waste or finding ways to declutter the home will raise a smile.

There’s no need to secure a perfect life. You simply need to know that you are providing a balanced life for your child. Their happiness is your greatest source of happiness, so it really is a two-way street. Make decisions based on their needs, and you’ll feel happier too.

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