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Home alone!

So after spending the majority of my time either working of sharing my life with my girls, two of them are off to BritMums and the other is at a friends sleep over.  A free house for a night and day what to do? The pre-Dorothy me would have automatically know what to do and where to go. I would of had a list of invites to various activities from snooker and pool at a local haunt or even the potential of the gym! So Friday afternoon rolled on and I was fortunate to have it off to discuss a few things with Mrs P (Don’t mention Brexit) and wave her on her merry way down to London, my HomeTown. So I waited until 3:30 and Bettie came home from school (Our adorable 13yr old) and what felt like 2 minutes she was gone again to her room to prepare for her weekend. So what should I do? With a friendship group like who are similar in age, they have the same constraints and can’t drop things last minute like the days of old. Plans have to be made now and if it’s not written on the calendar, it’s not happening. So after a quick group text looks like it was just me and after looking in the mirror, I decided to go to the gym 🙂 I say gym, it was just swimming, and it was only for 45 minutes, but it was great to have a guilt free trip and even spend 5 minutes in the sauna. I arrived to an empty house and felt a pang of sadness. Normally on arriving home I get a hot brew, warm kiss and a smile that says we missed you. This wasn’t there today and while I cooked myself a small bite and a large whiskey it slowly dawned on me. The people in our rose cottage make this my home. dorothywhatsappSo I did what any technology loving adult would do and got on WhatsApp for our first video call!   She was amazed and absolutely love it, she didn’t realise what was going on at first but was soon trying to kiss the screen. An absolute legend and we’re just loving every day. Even when it hurts and we’re apart, we’ve got to look at the bigger picture.   View in Instagram ⇒]]>