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Looking at the New Year and Wellbeing

It’s a problem most of us are going to feel all too closely at some point in our life. Maybe you’re just not feeling the passion you used to. Maybe age is starting to make you re-evaluate all the aspects of your life. Maybe you’re just fed up. Feeling ‘in a rut’ isn’t something you should dismiss. Instead, use that feeling to propel yourself into being a better you.   Take care of yourself The mind and the body are very much connected. Start taking better care of yourself and you might find that fog in your head starting to lift. More exercise and better food is definitely a place to start. But even simple steps towards well-being, like having a proper morning ritual, can help.   Communicate If you’re in a relationship, then the breakdown of communication that can happen as a result of a rut can do some real damage. Talk to your partner and address what you’re feeling. They might feel the same and be able to join you in collective efforts to improve things. It’s a good idea to have someone experienced on your side, too. Life coaches like Darren Christopher Rowland tend to be so effective because they can understand what you’re going through and help you evaluate the direction your life is taking and the one you want it to take.   Small steps Whether it’s a mid-life crisis or general dissatisfaction, too many men make drastic changes to their life hoping it will give them the meaning they’ve been looking for. Marital unfaithfulness, buying a far-too-expensive car, these are the hallmarks of losing control. Instead, make a plan for improvement that you tackle bit by bit. List the healthy habits you can engage in, the personal development goals, and even some time for meditation and introspection. Be aware that fundamental problems don’t have quick fixes.   Take stock At the same time, your problems might not take into account all the good that you do. Sometimes, we get into ruts because we feel like what we’re doing doesn’t matter. At the end of the week, take some time to review the time passed. Look at your achievements not only in the workplace, but with your family, and general good deeds you have done. Remind yourself of your worth.   Take a much-needed break Sometimes, work, the day-to-day life of the family, and all your responsibilities just feel like they could suffocate you. It all adds to mental chatter that’s hard to get away from. So just get away from it all. Arrange a break, even if it’s only camping at the beach, with those you love. Remind yourself who you do it all for and take the time to recharge. The memories you create will help you center yourself for years to come. Sometimes, we just need a kick in the rear to set us in gear and give our lives the right direction and impetus. That’s what a rut can be. Those who miss the chance tend to only settle deeper into the dissatisfaction until it infects every other part of their life. Don’t miss your opportunity to grow.]]>

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