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Looking after your body when you get older

As we grow older our bodies will, and do, change. This is something that can’t be stopped as mother nature works her magic; however, we can have an active involvement in keeping her work at bay. Do you get up in the morning and vow that today will be the day that you finally do a workout? Do you always end up going to bed that same day having done nothing at all to better your physical health, but vow that tomorrow will be the day? If so, then it’s time to start making sure that tomorrow is the day you do it. In order to not only do an effective workout, but to be able to make it a regular occurrence, there are two areas to target every day… Make time The most common excuse for not working out: no time. This is understandable — life in the fast lane of being a modern day man and dad is busy. What with being the breadwinner of the family, as well as being the kids’ personal taxi service sometimes makes it difficult to find time to do things for yourself. But being a dad isn’t an excuse to neglect yourself, and having ‘no time’ isn’t an excuse to not look after your body; you find time to watch the TV, don’t you? To combat the ‘no time’ syndrome, you should first and foremost make a plan, and stick to it. This means deciding on the best time to exercise for you — if you are somebody who struggles to get going after settling down, then do your workout as soon as you get home from work, and if you’re somebody who prefers to re-energise before undertaking tasks then do just that before getting on with your fitness regime. Whichever you choose, make sure to alway begin your fitness regime at the designated time. Prepare for disruption However, every plan is destined to fail at some point. But when your workout plan is disrupted, if you deal with and react to it accordingly, your overriding goal of becoming a prime physical specimen need not be over. Firstly, you should prepare for the eventuality that you won’t be able to go to the gym on any given day by bringing them gym to you. This means getting in all the vital equipment needed to make sure you’re doing your normal workouts, even if you’ve been forced to stay indoors, say to look after the kids or wait for a delivery. Buying parallel bars to work on your upper body strength, or an exercise bike to improve your fitness, are just two examples of machines and devices you can get delivered to your home. Secondly, you shouldn’t allow for the disruption to deter you from the plan you’ve (hopefully) already made. It’s never too late to get your body and health to a standard you’d have been proud of even twenty years ago, and it’s never too late to knock ten years off of your image in the process. More important than thinking about the past, however, is thinking about how you can make the most out of the time you have in the present to make sure your future self thanks you. Look after your body now, and it will look after you later in life.]]>

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