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Child Free Couples Holiday Destinations

Family holidays are all well and good. But sometimes, it is nice to be able to plan a trip with your other half, just the two of you. It might be for a belated honeymoon or just for a special trip for something like a birthday or anniversary. I think it is important for couples to still date each other, even after kids and marriage. Life can get so busy when you’re parents, that the two of you and your relationship can often take a back seat. But the two of you is what started it all, so it is important to remember that. Plus, how nice would a few days away with some sleeping through the night and not changing any nappies be? So if you and your other half are in need of some time away, hopefully, you have some family members to call on for help with the children. Then you can get planning a trip. When you’re planning a trip without children, it can be nice to go to a destination that isn’t the most child-friendly. Take your time in museums, relaxing at the beach, hiking or taking boat trips. So here are a few suggestions for destinations that are best visited without little ones. The Grand Canyon, Arizona The Grand Canyon needs to be on your bucket list if it isn’t already. But when you’ve got little children, it isn’t going to be a great destination to travel to. It can get rather hot, with the whole being in Arizona thing, so can be uncomfortable for them. Plus, it can be tricky to hike some of the trails with them as it certainly won’t be pushchair friendly. Older children and teenagers might be fine with it, but if you’ve got preschoolers, it will be a great choice for a destination. The canyon averages around 10 miles across and a mile deep, so it really is mind blowing. The whole thing is 277 miles in length, so it is great if the two of you are an active couple and enjoy hiking; there would be plenty of walks of varying lengths to choose from! The site www.NPS.gov is great for finding what the different hiking trails are and how long they all are. So worth a look if that is your thing. Much of the area is classed as a national park, and it also includes the Colorado River. So if you’re pretty adventurous, then you could get out on the river and enjoy the white-water rapids and sweeping vistas. Paris, France From the UK, Paris isn’t too far or hard to travel to. But to be honest, it is one of the least child-friendly cities that I have ever been to. The metro system isn’t equipped for taking a pushchair on at all. It is definitely not like London, and it’s underground. You can, of course, carry your baby in a sling or backpack carrier, but there are many other things that make Paris pretty child unfriendly. So it is best to enjoy just the two of you. It is one of the world’s most romantic cities after all, right? So stroll along the Champs d’Elysee hand in hand and enjoy some fancy shopping and munching on macaroons from Laduree at your leisure. Taking your time at the Louvre Museum is best without children as they’ll just want to run around and get bored. As Paris is close to the UK, it makes it a good option if you don’t want to be away for too long. You could technically do it in a day or two if you just wanted a quick anniversary weekend away, for instance.   Rome, Italy Italy is a really magical city. First of all, the history of it all is just mind-blowing. As a result, it can be nice to soak it all in and enjoy learning about it all. If you can imagine a toddler in the Vatican Museum or at the Colosseum, then you can see why it might be a better choice to do sans children. As there is so much to see and do in Rome, then it might be a good idea to book an escorted tour from somewhere like www.Travelsphere.co.uk. Then you can just follow along and enjoy seeing all of the main sights, with someone who knows what they are on about. Rome is beautiful with some of the best food too. So enjoy your gelato in peace and visit when the grandparents are watching the kids for the weekend!   New York City, New York New York City really is a place like no other. But for little ones, they just wouldn’t appreciate it all. The main things to do in NYC are the tourist sights and some major shopping. There is, of course, Broadway, which no toddler is going to enjoy (or you if they were there, for that matter). So NYC needs to be a treat destination for the two of you, or just wait until the kids are a little older to go together. There are so many famous spots in New York from films and TV shows that your children just wouldn’t appreciate. So go ice-skating in Central Park, feed the ducks on the lake there, or shop of 5th Avenue to your heart’s content. The food is to die for in New York, and there is such a variety. So if the two of you are foodies and love to shop, then it is a great destination for you to choose. Just be warned; you’ll end up spending a fortune! So it might be best to save up for it and do it for a very special occasion.   Cancun, Mexico Mexico is a pretty long haul destination. So you might not like the idea of visiting there with kids merely because of the flight. So it is often a good choice for a week away as a couple. The beaches are really stunning there, and there are such a wide variety of hotels to choose from. Pretty much all of them are all-inclusive, so you can enjoy a week of luxury and not having to cook for anyone. As well as the beaches, it is a good place to bar hop or go clubbing. It can be a rare chance to get out and do that when you’ve got little ones, so it would be a good place to make the most of it. There are lots of different excursions that you can do too, so it doesn’t have to all be about the beach or pool. Trips out to the jungle, quad biking and rope climbing are all different things that are available. So there are quite a few different things that you can all do. Its nice that it has a relaxing element, as well as an active side that you can enjoy.   Santorini, Greece There are many different Greek islands that you can enjoy. But Santorini seems like the best option to visit minus the children. It is picture perfect with its deep blue sky, clear sea, and bright white buildings. It can be tricky to navigate with a pushchair as there are many cobbled streets and hills to walk up. The island is best seen by hiring a quad bike and zooming round that way. Which is why it is one of the best choices for couples. The food is amazing, and the culture is really interesting. You are also almost always guaranteed sunshine, so great when mum and dad need a sunny break.]]>

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