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How to make me time

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Life is always full of change. Your career is always changing, you are trying to carve out time to rest, raise and bond with the kids and balance time for your hobbies and your relationship. It is easy to want the balance of 50/50 when it comes to work and life, but the reality is that balance is rarely even. For the majority, it is shifted more heavily towards one side. This can be okay, it is about working out what is right for you.

But, instead of running yourself into the ground in the attempt to strike this perfect balance constantly, you need to make changes to incorporate your personal life and work life. Here are some tips to ensure that you strike a consistent balance between working hard and playing hard. 

Importance of Playing Hard

It is a personal choice that only you can make. You get to pick whether it is work or play that takes the lead. But, no matter which one you choose to prioritise you need to ensure that you carve out some me time. 

Doing this and taking some time for yourself, can boost you as a person and give you transferable skills that you will be able to use at work, such as problem solving, concentration, decision making to relationship building. Plus you are able to release the stresses that have been building. You don’t have to create and free up a whole day to reap these benefits. Making a couple of hours is plenty to let loose and relax.

How you choose to spend this time is completely your choice, whether you are looking for a high speed release on the track and choose to unwind by shop the range of Racetech seats or prefer something at a slower pace such as golf or fishing. 

How To Make The Time

For the majority of us with busy lives and fast paced work life can make it seemingly impossible to make changes to day to day to allow for some ‘me’ time. The good news is that by making some small changes here and there, you will be able to start creating some time for yourself. 

Wake Up Earlier

Waking up half an hour to an hour earlier gives you additional time to take a little time for yourself without the distractions that are associated with having the rest of the family awake. Use this time for your morning coffee, shower or even a workout or reading. If possible you could always use this time to get a headstart on your day’s task so your time later on in the day is freed up to be spent as you choose. 

Pencil In Time In Your Calendar For You

The same way you plan your meetings, date night and manage the kid’s activities, you need to schedule some time for yourself. Having it booked in ensures that you actually go ahead and use this time for yourself. It also is a visual aid that ensures everyone is aware of when you will be focusing on yourself. 

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