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Moving Abroad For Love: Is It A Sensible Idea?

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Moving abroad to be with someone you love is a big step to take. While it could allow you to spend more quality time with them, it could consider making some sacrifices and drastic lifestyle changes. Below are some questions to ask yourself before relocating abroad for a relationship.

Have you lived together before?

Jetting off half-away around the globe to live with someone you’ve barely spent a week with (or worse never met IRL) is not recommended. Before moving to another country to live with someone, you should have ideally experienced living with them already. It’s possible you may already be in a long and steady relationship in which you’ve lived together for months or years – in this case, you already know what it’s like to live with them and it should be less of a concern. If you’ve never spent time living together, it could be worth trialling this first for a couple weeks before taking the decision to move permanently. 

What are the legal requirements?

Moving abroad will likely require you to apply for a visa. You need to make sure that you are able to meet visa requirements, including being able to afford the visa. If you’re married and one partner is already living abroad, you may be able to apply for a spouse visa, which could have benefits over a regular visa. It’s worth researching the legal requirements in advance.  

Are you ready to embrace a new culture?

Moving to a new country involves embracing a new culture. You may have to get used to new rules and customs and you may even have to learn a new language. Consider whether you’re willing to make this adjustment. You should spend time getting to understand the culture beforehand – it could be worth spending a few weeks in that country to experience it first-hand. If you need to learn a new language, it could be worth taking some lessons in advance. 

What will you be leaving behind?

You need to be certain that you’re not sacrificing too much for the sake of a relationship. You could be leaving behind family and friends, a good career and possibly even hobbies and interests. While you may still be able to keep in touch with loved ones, there are things such as your job that you may never be able to get back. Of course, if you don’t have any of these things, you may feel that you’ve got nothing to lose by moving.

What other benefits can you receive from moving?

Moving abroad could offer new and improved opportunities beyond getting to live with the person you love. You may find that the country has a lower cost of living, better weather, better job opportunities or a fairer welfare system. In some cases, moving abroad may even be a way of reuniting with family members and friends. You should weigh up these benefits against the sacrifices that you’ll be making to determine whether it is the right decision for you. 

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