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A Randomly Beautiful Family Holiday in North Wales

My summer’s been an epic mix of work and more work, weeks away in Bulgaria, hundreds of interviews and over a million dollars of contracts issued. But the best part was a week away in the midst of it all, celebrating our family on a camping holiday.

Living in the North West of England, it’s absolutely beautiful with stunning natural features, gorgeous coastlines, great transport links and the people are something else. Then there’s the weather!
The weather changes more than the location of my passport as I’m about to leave for work. You cannot guarantee what’s going to happen and it’s a real gamble for planning days out. But finances aren’t great and we need to get away, so we decided on North Wales. (Possibly the greenest part of the country which means there’s loads of rain!)
There’s nothing like a good camping holiday and there’s nothing worse than a bad one! So we had to ensure as a family we’re working together to not miss anything. Mrs List I mean Mrs P, was busy putting the lists together, and remotely I was arranging the campsite.
Here’s what we needed:

  • Swimming pool
  • Decent campsite
  • Naturally beautiful surroundings
  • Has to be near the beach
  • Somewhere chilled
  • Not too far away

It’s surprising how little that brings up in the campsite search engines. (If you’re reading this search engines, you need to make it easier to use!)

We finally stuck on a quaint site in Conwy, North West Wales. Close enough to Anglesey for a day trip, a beach within easy reach, swimming pool on site, evening entertainment (OMG), and a large field so we could camp without being smothered.
On our last camping trip to JustSo Festival, we used a roof bag which was the scariest thing ever. Imagine driving along panicking every time a strap moves on the roof bars! AHHHH! So we needed a roof box, especially considered the number of beautiful blankets, pillows and added extras Mrs P wanted to take.

This felt like a real adult point in my life. A roof box! Our family had grown so big that an estate car wasn’t big enough to hold us and our things. Good problem to have!

Using a local seller app, I met a lovely scouser who showed me how to fit, use and best ways to cram stuff in. Came in useful and we saved a bucket on the price.
I also had a number of vouchers for my favourite outdoor shop and used their price matching service to get the ultimate camping addition. A Solar Panel and energy hub. We may be camping, but we’re staying connected, well lit and highly chic with fairy lights.
So after arriving at midnight on Thursday, we set off at 11 am Friday!

Wales here we come.

Driving through the gorgeous back roads around Chester to beat the traffic, we finally arrive in Wales and Mrs P reveals she’s never been before! It was about an hour and 20 to arrive and was a great drive with hardly any traffic. Having a roof box was interesting as it definitely didn’t help MPG but the driving style was fairly similar.
Part of me thinks Dorothy is half Dolphin. If she’s asked what she’d love to do it’s swimming pretty much every time and that’s cool by me. So on arriving, seeing the massive pool and slide she was straight away asking to go!
Having finally managed to pitch our new tent for the first time, Mrs P was quickly making it gorgeous and I had the grill on the go. Because who doesn’t need charcoal sausages 🙂
North Wales for us is an untouched gem. We’ve driven through on the way to Snowden previously and I’ve had recruitment events in Wrexham but for a family trip, it was untouched. Until now!

It’s beautiful, the people are fantastic and it’s tailored for guests with so many different choices of food, drink and entertainment.

Our holiday park was cheap! I mean there’s four of us, with swimming passes, campsite pitch and full entertainment in the day and evening. For £49 for three days. That’s amazing and the park overwhelmed in their service and facilities.

We’ve done chalet on the cheap and paid five times more for five times worse quality.

Our three days away was a little stressful at first especially after a lack of sleep but my family are so lovely that it was impossible not to chill and enjoy the time together.
We had some amazing days out crabbing in Beaumaris, found a secret garden in Anglesey and found the haunted lighthouse thanks to my Instagram followers! They were so good expected a full write up on each!

It’s shown me that you can have an amazing time anywhere as long as you are open to new ideas and go with the right people. X


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