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Exploring England and all it's Beauty

England is a country with a storied past that is known the world over. Whether it be through stories written at the time, like Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, or through recreations in the modern day, such as those found in Downton Abbey, people from all the world know of, and are fascinated by, the rich past of England. If you’ve ever thought that you wanted to experience England’s times gone by, whether you live in the country or not, below are a few places where the history is rich and rife. Herefordshire   This county, which sits on the borderlands of England and Wales, is steeped in history. This is exhibited no more so than in the Black and White village trail that takes place in North-West Herefordshire and goes through the market towns of Leominster and Kington. On this trail, those who follow it can take a look at the hundreds of timber framed buildings that show a time gone by in regards to England’s old style of houses as well as visit a number of the county’s churches, some of which are of such an age where they hold records that date back even beyond Domesday. There are also a vast number of pubs and tea rooms along the way to really give a sense of village life in England, as well as to refresh any weary travellers.   There are a number of wonderful B&Bs in Herefordshire that really capture a sense of the past in their decor; by the early nineteenth century, beautiful and elegant interiors were designed — why should they be left in the past? Many of the bed and breakfasts in this area underpin tones of Regency-style elegance and excellence whilst still retaining their homely village feel. Burton Court, for instance, mixes English sensibility and historic grandeur whilst still offering a family feel for their guests; the width of Herefordshire, which has, remarkably, remained unspoilt, can be seen from the master bedroom as well. Hampshire/West Berkshire These two counties offer a plethora of perfect pastimes for those of you obsessed with the past. Newbury, in the west of Berkshire, for instance, is home to Highclere Castle which was used as the main location for the filming of Downton Abbey. You can visit this castle and take in the splendid sights, feel what it was like to live during the nineteenth century and even experience the set of the hit period drama, as well as have afternoon tea. And Andover, situated in the Test Valley on the River Anton in Hampshire is a market town that offers plenty of picturesque things to see. These include the narrow walkways that date as far back as Saxon times and a host of buildings that sprung up in the eighteenth century. B&Bs in Andover and Newbury are available so that you can make the most out of this beautiful part of the country and don’t have to go on a whistle-stop tour of the area like those who travelled by stagecoach in the eighteenth century did. At this time, it was a popular stop-over destination during visits to London; now, it’s full beauty should be taken in at all times. And if you want to go even further back than the eighteenth century, you can visit the prehistoric monument that is Stonehenge, located in the nearby county of Wiltshire. So, for those of you who have a preference for all things involved with the past, then look no further than visiting England. However, there are plenty of other things to visit and travel around England (and even the rest of the UK) for, including fishing. There are some fishing hotspots in the UK that will have you hooked!  ]]>

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