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Being in Nature makes you Happy

make you more creative. Indeed, the presence of green and natural environment is good for the soul. It’s not difficult to see why. You would probably prefer sitting in a garden than being surrounded by grey urban buildings. After all, there is only so much peace in town. You don’t even need to spend more than half an hour in nature to feel regenerated, whether is it by the songs of the birds, the sound of the water, or simply the colourful patterns of flowers and trees. Nature inspires a certain peace of mind. In our stressful and fast-paced era, it’s best to make the most of your connection to nature to ensure that you always have a bubble of peace and happiness. In other words, how can you bring nature into your home? I’m testament to this, having walked across the country for charity I feel the best I’ve ever felt. So it’s time to bring some of that back to our cottage!  

Planning And Maintaining The Garden

Bringing the benefits of nature to your home starts by the garden. Garden maintaining often sounds like the kind of chores that you’d rather avoid by breaking a finger. IN truth, garden maintenance is not as demanding as it seems. Mowing the lawn is a standard in most households, but if it’s not your thing, there are ways around it. A chamomile lawn will need to be mowed only once to remove the dead flowers at the end of summer, for example. Or, if you are up for a vintage touch, you can decide to turn your garden, or a part of it into a meadow. This too requires little maintenance and a lot less mowing to do. Also, when you start planning, flowers and herbs will play a big role in creating colourful landscapes. In a cottage-like garden, you will be looking at a variety of perfumed roses, lavender, and kitchen herbs.

Building Your Décor Around The Garden

The main problem with having a great garden is that it is outside. If you want to make the most of it, you need to find ways of bringing the garden inside your interior décor, with simple things such as bifold doors for the conservatory, for example. Bringing the garden inside means letting a lot more natural light into the room. To name the obvious first, this means that you should keep your windows clear of any obstacle and clean. At a deeper level, you can indeed bring garden elements inside, by keeping fresh flowers in a vase or maybe growing your own vegetables. The more you integrate the garden into your lifestyle, the more peaceful things become.

Helping Wildlife To Strive

Last, but not least, if you want to complete the bubble of natural peace, it’s important to make room for the garden wildlife. Flowers will make the garden bee-friendly, while trees and a feeding table are ideal to attract birds. If you have a big garden, you should be looking at the possibility to add a pond, as water doesn’t only attract frogs, but also birds and small mammals who want to wash or drink. Finally, keeping a compost bin in your garden generates a healthy and nutritious soil. More importantly is provides a home for many small creatures such as snails and worms, and grateful grass snakes too. Duck in a pond]]>

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