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Make your Garden an Extension of your Home

As the summer approaches, it’s time that we start to consider the changes we would like to make to our outside spaces. The idea of bringing the inside out is becoming more and more popular as time goes by. It brings comfort and style to the forefront of our exterior designs, and so the garden can act as an additional room in the house. An attractive garden can add a lot to the value of your home, so even if you’re thinking of selling up soon, it’s worth considering how on trend your garden is. These are a few suggestions for how to bring the inside out. Outdoor furniture Gone are the days of tacky plastic furniture and mouldy deckchair cushions. This is the age of enlightenment for outdoor furniture. From beautiful wicker designs, to love seats in a million colours, you can choose exactly the style you’d like for your garden. It’s all about comfort and relaxation. Outdoor cushions are an absolute must; you’re basically creating a living room outside. People even have portable projector set-ups so they can have their own outdoor cinema. Glass pool fences To make your garden feel like an outside extension of your home, you want to keep it as open plan as possible. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor swimming pool in this hot weather, safety will be one of your number one considerations, especially if you have children around. That’s why a barrier from Glass Boundaries is a great addition to your space – it has the benefit of safety, without breaking the space up visually. It also adds an element of sophistication to the pool area. BBQ kitchen and bar These days, just having a barbecue and outdoor table and chairs isn’t cutting it. People are going for the full on outdoor barbecue kitchen, with portable mini fridge to keep the beer and meat cool, preparation area, and even a full blown bar. The garden is the best place for entertaining guests in the long summer evenings, so an area created with parties and food in mind is a great use of space. Festoon lighting If you’re entertaining in your garden after dark, one bright security flood light isn’t going to offer the atmosphere you’d probably like. Strings of festoon lights look really festive and fun, and offer a slightly more subtle glow. Outdoor fairy lights also make a really cute addition to a garden, and are available in a variety of different colours and brightnesses. Try varying the combinations to see what works for your garden. An outdoor area isn’t just for the kids to run around and get muddy; it’s an extension of your living space, and it needs to be decorated as such. Beautiful plants and trees can only go so far in creating an area that is perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Good quality outdoor furniture and some cushions are a great place to start, and a barbeque is obviously an essential.]]>

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