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Digging for Victory

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know the massive project I’m working on at the moment in my garden. Before we had a toddler, the garden was something to be enjoyed with a cold glass of lager on a Summer’s evening. Fast forward to your ‘family’ days and the garden takes on a whole new meaning. There’s danger everywhere and before you know it, the grass is longer than anything. However, with a few small adjustments, you can turn it into a place that you love as well when you are not out and about enjoying all the Summer has to offer. Here are a few tips on how you can kit out your garden so that all ages will be pleased with it!

Invest in some high-quality furniture

Once you have kids, you will be spending a lot of time in the garden for several years to come so invest in some furniture that will last and that looks great. Bridgman furniture is maintenance free high-quality Rattan furniture that is resistant to extremes of UV, heat, cold, chlorine and salt water. There’s nothing that your kids can throw at it that will damage it! It is also supremely comfortable and low maintenance which is just what you need in a family garden. Buy a big enough table for all your family plus a few guests to sit around. Invest in enough chairs for everyone. Your kids may refuse to sit at the table right now but before you know it they will be teens and will be demanding one of the more stylish seats whilst your perch on a stool you have dragged out of the kitchen!

Install some play equipment

This is a dilemma for all parents. Do you let play equipment take over the whole of the garden or do you try and save some for yourself? It is probably best to compromise. The single item that will keep the kids amused for the longest period of time is a trampoline. Measure up the space that you have available and buy the biggest one that you can. The bigger they are, the more fun they are. Whilst it is true that some kids have been injured on trampolines, there are thousands of kids whose health has benefitted from the exercise. Swings, climbing frames, and slides are another alternative and will take up as much space as you allow!

Give it a splash of colour

A family garden must be a colourful garden. You can achieve this is a few different ways. Planting lots of colourful plants has got be the most fun way but you will have to at least water them to keep them alive. You can also paint sheds, walls and fences in bright colours. Why not get the kids involved so that they can put their stamp on the space. Get them to design a garden mural and then help them to paint it in bright colours. It will be something for you to treasure for years to come.  ]]>

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