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Making the Most of Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary. There is no denying that it is the place where you should feel safe and happy – if it isn’t, then you may be doing something seriously wrong. At the heart of any home-related project, there’s the desire to improve your feeling inside the house. Whether it is about ensuring that the house doesn’t get too cold in winter – and it could be a time and cost demanding project if you are looking to upgrade your insulation solution – or that the kitchen is fully modernised and equipped to the best standards, home improvement projects have our wellbeing at heart. But what about building your happiness with simple and cost-effective projects? These happy projects need to focus on creating a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere, adding fun elements to the décor, and actively reducing your stress levels. In other words, you will be looking at garden improvements, because nature is beneficial for your mood and your creativity, quirky touches to enhance a decorated room, and keeping the house clean and spacious.

A Garden For Your Creative Soul

Being in nature makes you genuinely happy. Studies have even demonstrated that being in nature can lower your blood pressure, therefore reducing your stress levels. The main question is how do you recreate the beneficial natural environment within the limits of your garden? It’s a project that starts with a little planning. After all, you do need to invest time in your garden to make the most of it. But don’t worry; all you need to do is to decide what type of garden you want. Is it going to be a minimalist garden with clear shapes? Do you prefer an overgrown meadow? Once you know your ideal garden, you can adjust the maintenance work accordingly. Add a simple water feature to your garden to attract the wildlife. Ponds, for example, are great, and barely need any work. When on paternity leave a year and a half ago, I put up a decking that we got from Travis Perkins, with rails to protect the children and fences across to make sure we could pen them in to one area.

Little Touches Of Fun Around The House

If your house is already fully decorated – which tends to be the case for homeowners – you can look for options to inject a little fun into the décor. Using colourful LED Tape around the kitchen board, for example, is a great way to break the shape and create a new highlight. Similarly, you can use the same trick in the kids’ bedrooms, to add a further dimension to the room. If you are an avid DIY crafter, you may love the idea to distress your furniture paint – using either vinegar or chalk paint methods – to create stylish effects. The vintage look is not only trendy at the moment, but it also is synonymous with a homely feeling.

Decluttering Because Everybody Needs Some Space

Finally, homes in the UK are renowned for being among the smallest in Europe. Consequently, when Zen and yoga masters agree on the importance of a spacious environment to your happiness, it may sound like an impossible dream. However, if you decide to adopt a minimalist approach and get rid of anything you don’t need – such as that book you’ve never read or those clothes that don’t fit anymore – you may discover new space. Decluttering is a necessity. The 21st Century homeowner buys too much and struggles with stress-related issues at the sight of his or her crammed and messy rooms. You can easily make the most of skip lorries in order to de-clutter effectively, especially if a huge home clearout is due.

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