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Premium Off-Road Amarok my Adventure Spirit Car

I’ve been lucky enough to have driven some very nice cars through work and would say that I have a passion for vehicles. But last week saw me use my legs in areas that no car could go along Hadrian’s wall from coast to coast. When I saw the video below for the 2017 Amarok premium pick-up it got my imagination going as to what it would be like to reach areas in the peaks, lake district and Scottish highlands that none of my ‘normal’ vehicles could go. Imagine using that as a farmer or becoming a full time adventurer! I wouldn’t change my life or family for anything, but it does look pretty fun and would put a whole new spin on my youTube videos. Wouldn’t you agree? I can literally imagine the lads in the back, enough room for all our gear no transport services needed and off we go! Or maybe start up a transport service? Hmmmm. I’m not sure I’m there yet though, maybe I should take a lesson or two from these guys.   The video shows two teams of Amarok drivers take on a series of challenges to see who can drive their vehicle the best. The Amarok makes work pretty easy for them with its 4MOTION all-wheel drive system, meaning the bedrock on the roads is just rumbled over. A nifty feature that the Amarok has is digital voice enhancement that relays what is being said in the front seats to the back so even when the 3.0 litre V6 engine is working hard you can have a conversation, even if it is just with Shep the sheepdog. After picking up some cargo on the wide load platform that can fit a pallet between the wheel arches and more behind, next up was the beach. The traction of the 2017 Amarok was good enough for doing some pretty tight donuts on the wet sand, scaring one of the driver’s dad-in-laws in the passenger seat at the same time. Reminds me of the time I told my now father in law how fast I went on a motorbike once! Being a beast it’s also compatible with the soon to be nursery run and I think the Amarok is stylish enough to be a city pick-up as much as a utility vehicle. There are body-coloured mirrors and bumpers as standard and bi-xenon headlights and 19” alloys can be added. Inside, the award-winning ergoComfort 14-way seats mean you can travel in comfort and the central infotainment system has a radio and navigation systems plus mobile online services so you’re always on the right track. Next time you’re looking for test-drivers, give me a call Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles!  ]]>

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