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What is the Average Cost of Car Insurance in the UK in 2020?

Motoring certainly can be expensive but for many motorists, it is an important part of daily life. One of the biggest costs is insurance which can cost a lot for certain drivers and it is a legal requirement (although there are ways to lower your premium). Here is a look at what the average cost of car insurance is in the UK in 2020.

The UK Average in 2020

On average, the cost of car insurance in the UK in 2020 is £484 a year according to data. It is interesting to compare this to recent times because this is a sharp increase compared to the start of 2019 when it was as low as £466 which came after a period of declining insurance costs which can largely be attributed to the competition in the insurance industry which drove costs down.

Young Drivers

Of course, there are many factors which will impact the price which means that it can also vary greatly depending on these areas. The main areas impacting car insurance price are age, the car you drive, driving habits and whereabouts you live. As you would expect, young drivers usually have the highest premiums which are often over £1,000 a year. As a young driver, you may also want to arrange GAP insurance from a specialist like Direct Gap for financial protection in the event of a write off which could save you thousands of pounds.

Age Groups

Rates tend to fall between the ages of 20 and 50 before rising again after the age of 60. The average cost for insurance for a male driver in a Ford Fiesta (the UK’s most popular car) reflect this with a 20-year-old paying £851, a 45-year-old paying £575, a 55-year-old paying £468 and a 65-year-old paying £491 while a 75-year-old would pay £752.


A motorist also needs to consider the vehicle that they drive as this will have a big impact. The value of the car and typical costs for repair influence this so you can make savings by opting for certain types of vehicle. A 45-year-old driver would pay around £575 to insure a Ford Fiesta while a luxury vehicle like the Mercedes Benz A Class 220 would cost around £812.


In terms of region, it is the major cities that are more expensive with a 50-year-old who drives a fiesta paying as much as £913 in Manchester (the most expensive city largely due to higher claim rates). Sunderland is the cheapest city with an average cost of £379.

As you can see, insurance can be expensive but there are many factors that determine how much you pay which means that there are ways to lower your costs.

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