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Being A Vuelio Top 10 Dad Blogger

Today was a momunetal day in my blogging life and I am happy to say that I share a place in the blogging elite as an honoured dad blogger in Vuelio’s top 10 dad bloggers. When I first started on my journey as a corporate dad it wasn’t fame that I was looking for, it wasn’t even money. For me writing about my life was a cathartic way of expressing my life in words and hopefully someone out there would resonate with what I was writing. To say that I’m over the moon is an understatement and having shared my good news on the social media channels, I’m over the moon that the likes of John Adams, who I shared a few days in Paris with, Dave Hornby who is a Dad community wonder, Nigel from DIY Daddy my first ever external “Dad Blogger” interview and Tim Liew from Thatcham Dad are also in the top 10! Being named among the greats is amazing! But I’m not letting it get to my head. It’s clear that as a writer I need to improve as parenting really gets in the way of blogging about being a parent 🙂 So thank you Vuelio, thank you to the Dad Blogger community and thank you to everyone that’s read one of my posts. You’ve made writing as a passion credible, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.]]>

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