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Happy Early Step Dads/Fathers Day

Happy Step Fathers Day to all the fellow dads out there performing the day early. We’re doing Father’s Day breakfast early and then I’l not see my daughter until tomorrow. It’s not easy to change the special day, but if you’re like us, we do whatever we can manage to make sure Beth has it as easy as possible. We’re not fans of conflict as the person that Wins isn’t Beth and she’s more important that anything. So today’s about your fellow Step Dads, Fathers or like I was known for a long time “My Phill”. Whatever you’re called to your loved one take today to be remembered for all the hard work you’ve put in. It’s not always easy having a child with another dad but with love, communication and being a role model, who even notices the difference. Happy Fathers Day from me and my girls.]]>

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