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Staying Strong in Business as a Little Fish

When you run your own company wether it’s a small one man blog or all the way through to a multinational it is a constant uphill climb. It’s difficult, being in a business dealing with problems all day and then expecting to keep up with the competition. You have to be smarter, fiercer, more competitive and more in tune with customers than the competition you face. Over the years, you may find that your industry is becoming more saturated with companies that do the same thing you do, which means you have to step up your game and do better than them. Whenever you find that consumer spending slows down, you have to step up and defend where you are in the market. This doesn’t mean resorting to underhanded tactics or defamation of character – that’s not what business is about. What you want to do is position yourself in the market so that you are valuable to your customers. There are plenty of ways you can grow your business in a competitive market and we have listed a few of these ways for you here:

  • Know Your Enemy. Well, perhaps not the enemy, but the competition at least! You need to know what their unique selling points are so that you can ensure that you are competing in the right areas. You want to give yourself a platform to do something different and better than what they can.
  • Know Your Customers. You have hopefully done enough research to know your market and who you are actually selling to. The thing is, customers are fickle! The expectations and wants can change quickly over time. Offer your customers what matters to them at that moment, and don’t stop researching and asking the questions. Keeping up with the customer’s needs can keep you ahead of your competition.
  • Expand What You Offer. Any company that wants to grow needs to learn to diversify. If you are looking to do better in the market that you are currently in, go for it. If local, small cafes can start offering internet access and diversify to another area, so can you!
  • Know Your Employees. Part of doing well against the competition is being a great employer. If your employees think you are great, then you’re likely to do better in the market. Employee retention is an important tool to have.
  • Update Your Image. Changing the look of your business premises, upgrading your brand and making sure you visually stand out can help you actually stand out against your competition. Changing with the times is important and being more modern and inviting will bring in more customers and thus more profits.
  • Keep Looking Ahead. Businesses thrive when they aim for the future and don’t stop looking at it. Times get tougher and recession can happen so you have to be prepared to weather the storm in your business.
Growing your business in times of hardship is never easy and only the strongest businesses can survive when things get tough. However, if your company is one that manages to stay ahead of the competition, it’s all worth it in the end!  ]]>

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