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From Stay at Home to Dressing for Success in Your Next Interview

You’ve been a stay at home parent for so long you can’t remember what you’re doing in an interview. Worst case you haven’t got anything to wear! Those khaki pants and well work trackie bottoms aren’t going to cut it in the corporate world! A well-tailored suit needs to be the backbone of your look, but upping the style stakes are a range of accessories you can really make an impact. First impressions are everything in recruitment so look confident and get that job! Ties and Tie Pins A tie used to be a must with a suit, although it’s now optional, depending on the context. If you’re going to a summer wedding, you can get away with wearing a lightweight suit sans tie, and with a couple of buttons on your shirt undone. But most of the time, you should be wearing a tie or a bow tie. Bow ties are usually for more formal occasions, but if you can pull off a trendy look, you can make them work for a smart-casual style too. When you wear a standard neck tie, a tie pin can immediately elevate it for a dapper touch. Pocket Squares and Lapel Pins You’re probably not going to pop a pocket square into your jacket if you’re just going to the office. Unless maybe you work in a 1960s advertising agency. But a pocket square is a great way to give your suit a flash of something interesting for slightly more formal events. You can fold it neatly and let just a small slither show, or go for a fun, scrunched up look. Available in all kinds of colours and patterns, you can do a lot with them. A lapel pin can be a nice touch too if you feel like your jacket needs something extra. Sleeve Holders and Cufflinks When things start heating up, it’s time for your jacket to come off. And that’s when your shirt can really shine, including any accessories you use. If you’re wearing a shirt with French cuffs, you need a pair of cufflinks to hold them together. With a huge range of styles available, you can have anything from a subtle and classic style to a geeky pair of Star Wars cufflinks. They’re a great way to show your character without being too flashy. You might also want to take a look at some sleeve garters from Trendhim. They’ll hold up your sleeves if you want to roll them up, which is ideal in the summer. They also look good when your sleeves are rolled down. Belts A belt should give your trousers some extra support, and add another finishing touch to your outfit. It shouldn’t be stopping your trousers from falling down. While it might sometimes be tempting to go for a flashy belt buckle, try to rein in your inner cowboy if you want to look professional. Pick an interesting colour or texture for the belt itself instead. The right accessories make a huge difference to your look when you wear a suit. Choose the ones you love to put the finishing touches on your outfit. Whatever you do, confidence is key! For more tips check out my recent LinkedIN post.    ]]>

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