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5 Differences between a Blog and a Website

Being a blogger, yes that’s me, I get lot’s of questions immediately after telling people. The first questions is normally “do you have a site?” No I have a blog. A blog is a website where I can share my thoughts, ideas, pictures and I suppose it’s almost a bit of an online diary. But the truth is there’s a lot of differences between them so I’ve put a quick top 5 list together. 1. Posts vs Pages Posts are said to be the core function of any blog. It is the building blocks of the blog and it is exactly what holds the blog together. The publishing on the blog is most typically done by the author/blog owner and is usually on a variety of various topics around the niche of the blog. Also another unique distinction between a website and a blog is on the blog the posts will appear in chronological order. With a site you do not have to publish news etc and the pages are generally for sales materials or service information. 2. Comments and Engagement On a blog visitors are allowed to leave post comments, if you the owner allow it, on your posts. It is also a good way for a reader of your blog and you to interact. The comment section of your blog site also helps own visitors to your website. The comment section is a crucial part of any blog. A well designed blog will encourage engagement and it’s ideal to make sure the comment facility is within easy reach of the post content. 3. Categories The category section of your blog site is basically where the information from the posts or posted content is organised. For larger Blogs the categories can be arranged by month or even subject. These are used in the automatic makeup of the URL of the post and will allow Google to search and find relevant content. Blog visitors may go through category pages to find relevant content or go through in date order. 4. Memberships and Bulletins This is a very important aspect when you want to learn how a Blog works. The membership includes allows readers to become a member of the blog site and once they become a member of the blog they can be notified when brand-new info is placed on a blog site. This is a fantastic reason to create a blog as it allows you to develop an online neighborhood on a certain topic. Some blog site sites now feature a news letter function which allows a person to read your info without even having to sign into the website. 5. Design and Layout Whether you have a blog or a website layout and design is very important but the target market is completely different. Blogs are generally styled based on the blog owner and are an extension of their character and style. My site for example is clean cut, has lots of white spaces and I hope comes across professional and corporate. My wife’s Vintage Folly looks vintage with custom fonts and pastel colours. A true reflection of her. It’s important to get a professional approach to the design of your site if you don’t have an idea of your target market or how to engage with them. Web designers in Birmingham are an example of a company that has worked with a full range of clients to reach their target market wether it’s a site or a blog. A Blog can be a fun and amazing method to satisfy brand-new people while sharing your ideas and a website, can be a lead generating sales tool for your business. Ultimately, you’ll need to define who’s going to be reading your content and have them in mind when it comes to design, content and engagement.]]>

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