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Recruiting for Change with your Employees

What is an adaptable employee? Let’s break down a couple of traits that make an employee an adaptable one:

  • The ability to find alternative solutions to a problem is one of the most common hallmarks of an employee that has the ability to adapt. Instead of just blindly following solutions given by you or colleagues, they’re capable of thinking on their own and suggesting an alternative solution that could be more beneficial to your cause.
  • An employee that strives to be the best at what they do is another common trait in people who are adaptable. Whether the job is packing boxes, designing a website or responding to emails, those who do their job and take pride in it have the character of someone who you should invest in. Teach these people new skills, give them ways to work faster and more efficiently, and then you’ll see them flourish and become valued employees that are worth every bit of their salary.
  • Employees that shine with confidence are keepers in any business. Assuming they’re able to meet expectations and don’t get ahead of themselves, an employee that is capable of showing confidence in their ability is someone that will ultimately give your business a boost.
  • Ability to take on new roles when needed is something that you should always look out for. These multi-purpose employees soak up knowledge like a sponge in water and they’ll quickly switch from one role to another. Be it the accountant that knows their way around computers or the designer that also has a degree in computer science, anyone that’s capable of taking on multiple roles is more than worth their weight in salary.
Adaptable employees are the future of startup businesses   The ability to take on multiple roles is important and it’s why your startup needs to have employees who are bright, adaptable and capable of picking up new skills. For instance, if you’re looking for a new member to include in your finance team, then payroll recruitment is something that should be considered. Keeping your employees paid is important, but the candidate also needs to be able to handle other financial tasks especially when you have dozens or even hundreds of employees to take care of. This is what will give your financial team an edge over your competitors. Being able to make up for a team member that is off sick or on holiday, or having the ability to take on multiple tasks at once and get work done quickly and efficiently, will give your business freedom and flexibility in who you choose to hire.   Being able to build a team of professionals that can take on multiple roles is the key to startup success. Even if it’s just a bit of knowledge in a certain field, nurturing these skills and abilities will ultimately create a powerhouse employee that is worth every single penny and can help you grow your business to new levels that weren’t previously possible on a budget. When you next hire an employee, think about how you can use an employee in multiple different ways. Here are a couple of examples of things to look out for:
  • Be vague in your job description and ask candidates what they can offer you. This is a key thing to add in any kind of recruitment message because it will allow your potential candidates to demonstrate their abilities and sell their services to you. Someone that promises several different things with proof (such as a degree or experience) is going to be an employee that you can rely on and teach new skills.
  • Don’t ignore candidates who approach you before you start a recruitment drive. Anyone who approaches you should already tick a couple of boxes on your ideal candidate checklist. These candidates are the ones that know how to take the initiative—but be warned! Talented individuals who know how to approach a business are scary because they’re likely going to move on to another business in the future that offers better prospects. Despite knowing this, you should still aim to use these talented workers as much as possible before they ultimately move on.
  • Always consider freelancing services, not just employees. This is so that you can look for talent in places that you never thought about. Freelancers work well because they’re capable of meeting your exact specifications every time. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more money and pay for certain creative jobs such as writing or logo design, then don’t neglect to look towards freelancers. Though they might not be full-time employees, giving them regular work will help build a solid working relationship and they will act like a full-time employee.
As you can see, there are many ways to hire and look for adaptable employees. Whether it’s describing your perfect candidate on your recruitment messages or letting candidates take the initiative and approach you, there are many ways to hire multi-purpose employees who will go the extra mile for you.   So the next time you decide to recruit, make sure you look for people who can fill multiple roles. They’re going to be worth more money than most other employees, and it helps to cut costs especially when you’re a startup. Help them grow alongside you and you’ll have employees that will stick around for the long term.  ]]>

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