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Writing For Wonga – The Myths About Blogging

Since blogging, I’ve come to realise that being a blogger means you have to be Shakespeare with your words, David Bailey with your camera and Michael Bay producing your videos. You really have to be a heavyweight in all of your media battles and therefore it’s such a shame that we’re not always given the right amount of credit for what we do. Writing about parenting started out as a cathartic approach for me to share the whirlwind of emotion that I felt on having my daughter Bethany, being a step dad to Beth and for the love of my wife Mrs P. It has now evolved to become not only an online diary but a place for others to get parenting support, recruitment advice, sharing our adventures but also as an additional source of days out, reviews and paid for writing opportunities. As well as working long days, commuting around the country, parenting my arse off and trying my best to be a decent partner and I’m not the only one out there. Bloggers with their day to day lives really don’t have a lot of time to be a blogging superhero but somehow still pull it off utilising time on lunch breaks, in the mornings of those hours just before bedtime. (Like now) So it really hurts when people say they’re gonna set a blog cause it looks easy, or to get free stuff or just plainly assume it’s a piece of cake to become an online guru and network your ass off. It’s really not. Don’t just listen to me though here’s some honest truths from some of my favourite bloggers.

Blogging is the only job with 58 different titles and you’ll be too embarrassed to use almost any of them.For some, blogging is purely about writing as many aspiring authors use it as a platform for expression and to develop our craft. Www.libertyonthelighterside.com
We do pay for things! I often get asked if I’m wearing something new or going on a day out “oh, did you get that for free?” Twinderelmo.co.uk
Blogging is hard work. You might be sent something to review ‘for free’ but it actually takes time to photograph it, write a review and then promote your review. So what you don’t pay for with money, you pay in time. http://www.raisingaragamuffin.com
We don’t get lots of ‘free stuff’ we work very hard to make good contacts, composing articles and taking great photos in exchange for any products we receive. HTTPS://emmareed.net
We don’t just do it for free stuff ! For me it’s a huge channel to help with my anxiety www.anklebitersadventures.co.uk
I blog to capture things in my life, essentially a personal diary to review over time, I’m happy for others to read my thoughts if they want. Www.brokenthoughts.co.uk
You are essentially running your own business. So like any other self employed person or business owner, it takes alot of time and hardwork. www.livinglifeourway.com
Blogging makes me lots of money! http://katykicker.com
It’s a lot of hard work and self discipline but the responses are the best reward. www.dadgeek.co.uk
We blog because we love to write and document our lives, not because we love “freebies”. Http://theepilepticblogger.com
While most people do their work in an office many parent bloggers do theirs surrounded by toys a child and with Peppa Pig on in the background. www.beautiesandthebibs.co.uk
Blogging isn’t all about money and getting as much “stuff” as possible, many of us do if for the love of writing. Www.livingwithajude.co.uk
Blogging is like a job that never stops. There’s a never ending to do list that increases daily, it’s hard work! https://landoflawson.com
I’m not a blogger – I’m a writer without a publishing deal. Www.mummyswritingdarling.co.uk
Blogging for me is about perfecting my craft as a writer, a story teller . It’s also a huge platform to raise awareness for families like mine all over the world . As for the “free” stuff , as the saying goes – there’s no such thing as a free meal…’tis very true , bloggers get nothing for nothing. Http://geraldinerenton.com
Because I’m a blogger, it doesn’t mean I know how to use a computer. In fact, quite the opposite! www.householdmoneysaving.com
Blogging isn’t just being a writer – it’s only about 20% writing. You also need to be a photographer, graphic designer, PR ninja, and marketing guru. It’s hard work! Http://edinburghwithkids.com
Blogging can be lonely. Every time a reader leaves a nice comment there’s a real person doing a happy dance! www.thriftymum.com
First and foremost i wanted to write publicly to help other gay families and adopters and show how ‘normal’ it is. From doing that i have gained followers and had some great opportunities which is brilliant. But i didn’t start this to get ‘freebie’s (nothing is EVER free!) and hard work really does go on behind the scenes managing it all. www.theunlikelydad.com
It takes time and dedication, those who make it look effortless are just incredibly good at their jobs! Http://accidentalhipstermum.com
Not all bloggers want money. I have been blogging five years and never once did a sponsored post or had anything for my children or myself. It’s not what I am writing for at all. http://www.faithmummy.wordpress.com
Writing is the channelling and processing of thoughts for me. It’s cathartic and has helped me though the struggles of being a new mum and a 10 year relationship breakdown. It’s free therapy, but with hundreds and sometimes thousands of people to give you advice and support. Http://www.mumworthy.com/
Being a blogger is like having another job with so much hard work but you don’t get paid every month. You get lucky if you get some money out of it otherwise it takes dedication and love to be able to do it. It can drive you mad especially when it gets too much. I’m a blogger but my grammar is not perfect since English is my second language. Also when you started blogging, you end up having no social life anymore because it takes half of your life. Blogging becomes your social life and if your not organise it will ruin your relationship with your family because your always on your phone. www.epsandamy.co.uk
I work more hours on my blog than I have ever done in an employed job. There is so much more to blogging than writing posts. Http://candyflossdreams.net
I blog so I can raise autism awareness and be my son’s advocate on a larger scale. All to make the world a kinder place for him to live in, a less lonely place for other parents on a similar journey and because I enjoy writing. Www.toaufinityandbeyond.com
Blogging for a living has the longest and strangest working hours you’ll ever put in.
Blogging can be just as hard as a fulltime job – but it can also be a rewarding hobby. Both are totally good paths to take, do whatever you want with it! Http://www.wavetomummy.com
It’s not just writing. Apparently you need to be a computer whizz, photographer and graphic designer to boot! www.theincidentalparent.com
It is hard work if you want to make a living at it and there are few shortcuts. http://kateonthinice.com
It’s damn hard work, unsociable hours, no holiday and can be very isolating and lonely.. http://litolmaeandlolly.com
I’m a new blogger trying to get myself into it. You don’t realise just how much you need to know! Everyone sits behind their phones reading these beautifully written posts and you think that’s it, but there’s so much more going on behind the words!Thismummaneedstea.com
Bloggers put in a lot of work and some of us have a day job, hobbies and families to juggle. They’re super multitaskers https://bubbablueandme.com
So next time you see bloggers at an event or you consider trying your own hand at becoming the next online William Tell, just take a moment for those that’ve worked hard to tell the world what’s going on. I’m all about encouraging bloggers to our community, a community built around mutual respect.


    1. corporatedad Reply

      It’s always the few that ruin in and there are some that devalue what we do. But there’s plenty more that put the graft in and build solid relationships.

  1. Liberty Henwick Reply

    Thanks for including me 🙂 inspiring to read what others say too and I can identify with so many of them – except the one about making loads of money 😀 😀 maybe one day though…?

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