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I've been a Temporary Stay at Home Dad (SAHD) and Loved It!

It’s been an amazing week off, one that’s been well deserved and I would like to say a relaxing one but we’ve had one busy time! We have literally crammed in as much as possible from the moment I arrived back home last Friday to now. Let me fill you in on what happens when a Dad becomes temporarily unemployed!

  • Buy a New Car – Amazing MPG, Peugeot 508 SW.
  • Gulliver’s World – Family trip with friends.
  • Swimming – Oh we love swimming!
  • Visit a local urban garden/allotment charity day – Visit pigs, goats and raise money for the local community.
  • Orrell Water Park – A beautiful day out with friends at the park chasing ducks and having fun on the swings.
  • Costa – Who doesn’t love a Costa while Mrs P takes a break.
  • Buy New Chickens – Yes we bought new chickens. Don’t ask.
  • Drive to Peterborough for Roof Bars – I’ve officially become a fully Dadified Dad.
  • New Rabbit Hutch in Leicester – While in Rome! Mrs P wanted a Rabbit Hutch for the chickens to lay. Haha.
  • BBQs
  • Building the Palmer Pavillion – We’re nearly there with the Summerhouse conversion and I’m still getting there. But officially moved in this week!
  • Gardening – Long way to go but we’ll get there!
I have to say, being a SAHD does really appeal to me, we’ve had some amazing times and got plenty done as well as giving both of us some time to have a rest in the morning too.


Mrs P is doing an amazing job and I’m not sure I could do it full time as well as she does. The good times have been amazing but it’s easy to forget the bad times. There’s some real pressure, especially around toilet training, be prepared for tears throughout the day and all the time trying to balance life and home responsibilities. I’m also useless when it comes to money and the urge to just go somewhere or so something is strong. Wanna go swimming, sure, play centre, why not, drive to Peterborough, hell yeah! That’s not good parenting or budgeting and it’s been difficult to be that person. So it’s really been an eye-opener.
Working away is difficult however it’s nothing compared to the non-stop commitment that’s required for being a stay at home parent. And for that, thank your Mrs P.
Are you a stay at home parent? Would love to know your views on what it takes to also be an amazing one! 

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