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Get on the ball with your kids

It’s official gents; Premier League 2018 has landed. As of Friday 10th August, the dry spell has officially ended (in more ways than one), and we can all get stuck back into our favorite sporting season. Of course, we can hardly complain given that the world cup ended less than a month ago. Still, it’s fantastic to see our favorite lads back out on the field again. Football fans have, understandably, been riding on the world cup wave during the first few games of this season.

If you’re young free and single, the chances are you were out in a bar over the weekend to get back into the swing of things in the right way. All we can say is, good for you. The fathers among us don’t have things quite as good. In fact, when you’re juggling a family, keeping on top of sports can seem like an impossible task. If your family are anything like most, staying in to watch the footy isn’t even an option for you.

As a result, there’s a chance you’ve already missed out on a few games. Even so, you may be determined not to let that trend follow you for the rest of the season. If so, you’ve come to the right place. After all, why should you miss out for being a father? Still, you probably don’t want the scorn of your entire family every time Saturday rolls around. As such, we’ve got some suggestions which should help you keep on top of things without impacting family time. Read on to find out more!

Know the schedule

The first and best advice we can give you is to know your footy schedule. Without this behind you, you’ll struggle to catch a single game this season. To make sure that doesn’t happen, do your research. Head to sites like www.premierleague.com during the week, and make a note of the games which interest you most. Then, you’ll be in the best position to put them on record before the event. Admittedly, watching football after the match isn’t ideal. Still, it’s better than missing things altogether. Make sure, too, that you prioritise time during weekend evenings for good ole’ Match of the Day. Your partner will struggle to object if you’ve been with the family all day. And, this is a fantastic way of keeping one eye on what’s happening. Knowing which games are happening when will also allow you to slip in and out of games when you have a moment. If you know your team are playing on a Sunday, you could tune in within seconds and catch up while the kids are entertaining themselves. Get on the ball like this, and you’re sure to catch a whole load more action than you would otherwise.

Take it mobile

The chances are that you’ll be out on day trips during your Saturdays at least. Given that this is prime game time, that can fast get frustrating. You won’t even have the option of switching on the set to check the scores. Still, hope is not lost. With smartphones ensuring we can connect to the internet at any time, there’s no reason you can’t go mobile with this. Of course, you’ll need to be subtle. Sitting in the park with your head in your phone is sure to get you in trouble. But, there’s nothing wrong with checking things out while the family are engaged. Again, preparation could help here. By downloading things like the BT Sports app, you can check up on score sheets before anyone even notices. By saving the site in your bookmark list, you can even check your bets on thatsagoal.com without breaking your stride. Whatever you do, remember that being out doesn’t mean you need to be out of the loop. It just means you need to use the tools you have to gain the best experience possible. Downloading iPlayer and the like could even free you up to watch a bit of the match while the kids head to the toilet…

Make sport a family affair

If all that sneaking around sounds too much like hard work, you could always turn sports into a family affair. Of course, there are more reasons for getting your kids into sports than giving yourself free access to the football season. Embarking on sports with children is fantastic for their health. Group sports can also go a long way towards teaching them about the importance of sharing and working as a team. And, of course, doing any of these with them can be a fantastic bonding opportunity. And, let’s be honest; getting your kids involved in sports makes it much more likely you can get your fair share, too. Work this right, and weekend outings could even see you all traipsing to a football match. Even if not, your partner will struggle to find fault in your checking the score for the kids. Just like that, your struggle to keep up will become a walk in the park. All because you thought to reach out to your little ones.


If your family don’t take that bait, it’s time to resort to compromise. This is essential for any familial relationship. It could even end up being the best thing for everyone. It may be, for instance, that you agree not to check the scores while you’re out if you get to watch Match of the Day without complaint. Equally, you may forego football all day Saturday so you can watch a match on Sunday. If other family members can see you making an effort, they’re less likely to object. And, moves like these ensure you still get at least some football in your life. Even if you’ve never tried this before, give it a shot. Your family may surprise you with how much they’re willing to allow. After all, compromises like these work in their interest as much as yours. So, give it a go. What have you got to lose?


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