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The Dangers of Using Worn Out Tyres in Scotland

Generally speaking, the Scottish police take a very dim view of any cars they notice driving around on bald tyres. If you are caught doing so, then you can expect most police officers to take action rather than let you off with a warning.

This is hardly surprising given the difficult driving conditions you often find in the country, especially in the more mountainous parts of Scotland.

However, it is not just being safe on country roads that require drivers to have decent tyres. Cities like Aberdeen Glasgow and Edinburgh all suffer from some pretty heavy congestion during the working week. If you are driving in heavy traffic, then you apply your brake more frequently which will wear your tread down accordingly. Driving on city streets with partially worn down tyres can be dangerous if you need to swerve to avoid a pedestrian or something else on the road.

I’ve written a number of posts previous about car safety and preparedness, especially on icy or difficult terrain. If you do happen to be near Glasgow, then Point S is a perfect place to book your tyres from. Just reserve them online and turn up to have them fitted in no time. What should you do to preserve your tyres in the meantime? 

Check Your Tread Depth 
Use a tyre gauge to make sure your tyres have enough tread. This job takes a minute or two and can mean you spot a balding patch of rubber much sooner than you otherwise would have done. 

Keep Your Tyres Inflated 
If you allow your tyres to drop in pressure, then over time you will find that they spread out on the tarmac as you drive around. This is dangerous because your tyre simply won’t respond quickly enough in an emergency. Pump them up every few times you fill up with fuel. 

Look For Sidewall Damage 
Gouges and bulges in the sides of your tyres are a sign of deteriorating rubber. If you see either, then your tyre is on its last legs and ought to be replaced. This is so even if your tyre tread is in perfectly good condition.

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