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Finding "The Dad Network"

As a new Dad there were so many questions and very few answers especially considering in my friendship group I was one of the first to become a new dad. I was searching for answers and support and I had some fellow amateurs from NCT to help when it came to labour, as well as a great book which helped in the 9 months up to birth.Looking around the internet is always a bad thing especially if you’ve got a cold or a headache. I took this same approach to parenting and stopped myself from being one of those sucked into the slippery slope of misinformation. As a newish blogger and a massive supporter of my wife’s blog VintageFolly, I’ve been introduced to a lot lately and it was Mrs P’s idea to have a look at various Facebook Groups for Dad Bloggers and fellow “New Dads”. Along came “The Dad Network” and thank god! It’s been the light at the end of a tunnel, the relief that’s needed when there’s a problem or even just to shut off from my issues and talk to someone else’s about theirs. This post isn’t my norm as it’s about privacy and that means a lack of cool pictures! However, this is one of the first things I saw from AJ: The Dad Network started out as a Facebook Group for me but has become so much more. It’s an outlet for creative writing Dads here: http://www.thedadnetwork.co.uk/ a support group on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheDadNetwork/ as well as their YouTube channel here as the Dad Network TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF6ULfwMzELbu7WsIUKwXcA Being in Beth’s life since she was 6 has given me so many experiences of an older child moving into her teens that when Dorothy reaches that age it’s going to be a blast. But since birth, I have felt like a fish out of water and with this being the 2nd bundle of joy for the lovely wife, I’ve needed that external support. The Dad Network’s been amazing for me and I’ve already added a number of new friends on Facebook who share similar views at various stages of Dadness and all with their own questions and needs. I’ve had 1am conversations where Dads have expressed that they’ve never had the outlet to discuss with such openness and they’ve suffered in silence for 5 years. There’s lots of “mum” networks and I really support them and encouraged Mrs P to be an active member to look for support on issues I couldn’t. But thanks to AJ and the Community we’ve got one of our own. You see AJ Ferguson is the creator and biggest supporter of the Dad Network and he’ll protect it like a Father. It’s a very supportive nature, there’s no harm, offence or bitchyness that you may expect from an open voiced forum. It’s all about support and we all pretty much get along. There’s only ever been one issue that I’ve seen and it was due to a couple that shared the same account and a “Non-Dad” was involved. AJ protected our privacy and opened up a vote on the action to take place. The member was removed, but there was a “Parent” group created to make sure they were supported as required. The Dad Network has local groups with various network events and unfortunately my Local one is in Chester. This is too far for me to get to and is held in the “Witching Hour” that’s bed. This has promoted a number of conversations with AJ about the potential for a Central Manchester group, but we will see.   So if you’re a new Dad or know one, The Dad Network is an amazing outlet which they may not even know they need.   Phill x   Please support The Dad Network by also following us on any of the following. Just click the links. Thank you. www.facebook.com/thedadnetwork www.twitter.com/thedadnetworkuk www.instagram.com/thedadnetwork https://plus.google.com/101485166591013448777/posts http://www.pinterest.com/Thedadnetwork/ You can also add yourself to The Dad Network map. http://j.mp/1R0YEjk And you can support our #dadsforchange campaign here. http://www.thedadnetwork.co.uk/…/dads-cant-change-babys-nap…]]>

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